Sadly, Peter May does not work here anymore

By Chris Sheridan

Peter May resigned from yesterday after ESPN told him he could not write for me and continue being a part-time contributor to ESPN-Boston.

Within an hour after May’s first and only column was posted on this site, ESPN e-mailed May — who is neither an ESPN staff member nor one of their legions of independent contractors, but merely a freelancer — to inform him of their displeasure.

They ordered him to make a choice, and I completely understand why he chose to stay with the larger of our two organizations. A longtime colleague and friend, he was eager to help me out with the launch of my new site, and he will be missed.

His column slot for next Tuesday will be filled by Nick Gibson, who will preview the upcoming Euroleague season. Nick might even get a chance to weigh in on how Kobe Bryant could help Virtus Bologna.

UPDATE: has picked up this story. Read it here.



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