Lockout talks end after 16 hours, to resume in morning

By Chris Sheridan

NEW YORK — After more than 16 hours of meetings, there still is no deal to end the NBA lockout.

Also, nobody is talking.

Owners and players met Tuesday into Wednesday for what was by far their longest negotiating session since the lockout was imposed, breaking up after 2 a.m. and agreeing to reconvene later Wednesday morning after a few hours sleep.

Both sides heeded the wishes of federal mediator George Cohen and declined to say anything publicly.

Whether this represented tangible progress was impossible to discern, although the sheer amount of hours spent in discussions lent itself to the belief that there could be a breakthrough on the horizon that would end the work stoppage and preserve the possibility of having a full 82-game season.

The league’s owners are scheduled to hold their Board of Governors meeting Wednesday and Thursday at a hotel not far from the site of the labor talks. Representatives from 12 ownership groups were in attendance for the marathon bargaining session, and all but one member of the union’s negotiating committee was present, too.

So stay tuned.



  1. Peabody says

    Love what memphis is doing. Hopefully every city with an nba team follows suit.stern has the power to end this. I am tired of the endless spin coming from the league. Day after day we get to hear how badly stern and the billionaire boys club feel for the fans .yeah right. Owners give up the damn point and save the season! SHeesh!

  2. Curtis says

    How many times do we have to see them go into a BIG bargaining session that is the one that they have to make a deal or it is all over? I am sick of getting my hopes up when everytime there is no progress, why are they still meeting? It looks like a judge is going to have to decide this for them.

  3. Gregel says

    I’m actually now less optimistic. Feels like the moderator was forcing them to stay in there. From: Adrian Wojnarowski

    When asked if sides had closed any gaps, source in meeting tells Y!; “On small stuff. Hard to see where this is going.”

    Source who was in meeting on progress made in 16 hour talks: “Very little. Still not anywhere near a deal.”

    • says

      Look…Sources are a dime a dozen. Everyone “says” they’re a source, but how many really are? Furthermore, the moderator has no legal power to force them to do anything. If nothing was getting done, they’d have left. I’m feeling confident that sixteen hours and then more time today meeting is going to be good for them. I’m very confident about that.


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