Tweet of the Day: J.J. Hickson

For those of you who may have missed it, Hickson is joining  Bnei Hasharon of the Israeli League, where he will replace Wizards forward Trevor Booker, who left because of an injury.
JJ Hickson

@JJHickson21 JJ Hickson
Made it to Israel tweeps! Wow what a beautiful place!
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    Another role player heads overseas. I’ve been writing for some time (, that until we see a superstar head across either pond, we can still maintain hope for a season. The stars have endorsement deals so they aren’t in a bind to earn a salary right now, like the role players who have ventured internationally already.

    Good for JJ Hickson. He’s a solid player. The shrewdest career moves were made by the Denver Nuggets trio of JR Smith, Kenyon Martin, and Wilson Chandler. Heading to China allows them to earn a living now, market themselves/brand for future income, and keep themselves in basketball shape. On top of that, the Chinese league apparently ends sometime in March. That gives them plenty of time to head back to the states and join a team for the 2012 playoffs.

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