Lockout Update: Nine hours together and counting

NEW YORK — I won’t bog you down with the details, because there are no precise details making their way down to the lobby of lockout central. What we have here are journalists scattered about on sofas and chairs, tourists making their way through, and pedicab and limousine drivers outside trying to coax wealthy customers into taking something other than a yellow cab.

Upstairs, they are still talking. And as of 9 p.m. EDT, the owners and players had been together for nine hours — making it the second-longest single bargaining session since the lockout went into effect the night of June 30.

What does this mean?

Well, if it was a disastrous meeting, surely it would have ended by now.

If it is a typical 11th-hour meeting, compromises are being made but are coming at a glacial pace.

If it is going to be a special night, eventually they will meet in the middle on the split of revenues (the over/under line is hereby set at 51.2 percent) and come to an agreement in principle. There are press conference rooms already set up, one for each side. 

If they get tired, they can always call it a night and come back in the morning.

If they want to save a Thanksgiving start to the regular season and enable an 82-game schedule, they can still do so by reaching a settlement on Thursday or Friday or Saturday.

If we are still here at 3 a.m., Ken Berger says he will seriously consider planking Cole Porter’s piano.

More later.



  1. Jeff says

    Liked your touch with the pedicabs, they actually charge per block, not sure how much, but a busy pedicab driver with good legs can make a decent living. Peter Holt’s driver has been waiting with black GMC on the corner for the last gazillion hours. Guess he’s one that is making the most of the time in the city and getting overtime with this lockout.

    Also, I would be honored if you could follow me on Twitter to be your one follower. Or maybe you should raise money for charity or money to donate to solve the lockout for someone to be your permanent follower. Let me know if you are looking for a Marketing Officer lol.

    Hopefully Iverson can get some NBDL players to come to Vegas with him.

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