How to watch NBA games during the lockout

The NBA lockout has me in the cuckoo’s nest, but boy have I been enjoying the first couple nights of the 2011-12 season.

You couldn’t have asked for a better Opening Night doubleheader Tuesday on TNT, when the Bulls visited the defending champion Mavs, followed by the shootout between young gun Kevin Durant and old hand Kobe Bryant.

On Wednesday, we got a taste of the resuscitated rivalry between the Knicks and Heat, which only figures to get better over the next couple of years. Tonight, we have the Florida face-off between the Magic and Heat and a Northwest Division meeting between the Nuggets and Blazers, who made a big trade in the offseason.


You say you haven’t seen these games?

You must not be watching properly. At the 6-minute mark of this clip, R.P. McMurphy shows you how to watch a game you can’t see.

The NBA. Where Imagining Happens.



  1. Really? says

    Are these the standards that journalists hold themselves to nowadays. Neither informative nor funny let alone being dull. Weird sense of “humor” you have man. I’m surprised Chris Sheridan lets this get posted. Not hatin just lettin u know what people think.

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