If David Stern tosses crumbs to the players …

… at a true 11th-hour negotiating session Wednesday, then there might be something that the union’s executive committee puts forward for a vote.

That’s my take.

So phooey on you, Mark Heisler, for calling yourself the last optimist.

I had more to say about how I see the endgame possibly playing out in a drive-time interview I did today on “The Mitch Albom Show” on WJR-760 AM in Detroit. Click here to listen to the interview.



  1. paulpressey25 says

    I think you are on to something. The players are crumbling right now as Kevin Martin and others want a vote.

    If I were the owners, I’d simply tell the players if they approve the deal, they’d get paid for all 82 games. That way the players get real money now and the owners don’t have to give up something in the CBA that might cause an unknown multiplier effect down the road. Paying for 82 and playing 70 gives everyone a known dollar cost/benefit.

    • Chris says

      @paul Smart tactic! I think enough rank and file players are leaning toward accepting the union’s offer that the full season’s pay would push them over the fence.

      • YEsss says

        Just take the damn offer I wana see some basketball!!! If households across America can live on 50k-75k a year then I think NBA scrubs can live on the minimum 400k or whatever and the system isnt that bad.

          • paulpressey25 says

            Joanne, I believe most of these guys are completely interchangeable within a three year period.

            If LeBron, KG, Paul Pierce and Wade all retired tomorrow, within 12-months people would generally have moved on and would be fans of John Wall, Blake Griffin, Durant, and Kyrie Irving. There is always a completely new crop of players who step in and fill the void.

            These guys aren’t like an attorney or doctor who can move from practice to practice with an interchangeable service that doesn’t depend on the platform they work from.

            The main asset right now are the franchises themselves and the long-term fan bases they have built up over decades. It would take the players decades to create that type of value for themselves and create that type of platform.


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