Deron Williams scored 50 points for Besiktas, but …

… his teammate, Semih Erden (who also plies his trade for the Cleveland Cavaliers) broke his thumb and will be out at least two months.


  1. Peter says

    If I were a Net’s fan, I’d be concerned. This isn’t the Deron Williams that you want back. It’s great that he can get into the lane, and make a bunch of shots. He’s clearly developing as a player, but is he developing as a Point Guard? He’s taking a lot of tough shots, and not setting up too many of his teammates unless he’s completely stuck. The Nets need Deron to be a guy that makes his teammates better, not a guy who can take it all on his shoulders and carry the scoring load.

    • vava74 says

      He is simply having fun whilst still getting to the bank.

      Deron doesn’t give a rat’s *ss if Besiktas wins or not (they are not really a top team in Turkey).

      He just wants to keep fit, sharp and not see his $$$ going down.

      Smart move.

      Also Istanbul is an incredible city. Actually, several different cities put together for centuries and centuries of layers upon layers of different cultures making their mark on the ground.

    • vava74 says

      Check this. Deron is averaging 6.8 assists in 33 minutes per game.

      Bear in mind that assists in FIBA basketball are much more difficult to get on record.

      FIBA’s 6.8 assists per game means that he should be averaging at least 9 or 10 per game under NBA assists recording rules.

  2. Jpaolantonio23 says

    All I can say DWill will be primed and ready to,explode when this godforsaken lockout ends. Nets fans simply “can’t wait” (Bart Scott voice). Eat me up Deron and bring it to the Nets


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