Recap: Top Posts of the Week (and site update)

One thing you learn about running a Website: It is a learning experience every single day.

There will be a SheridanHoops redesign coming soon that’ll make it easier to sort through our site by category, rather than chronologically as is the case now. There is a newsletter coming, too. And a place to purchase NBA gear. And a piece of real estate devoted to fantasy hoops fans.

And when the season begins, every morning there will be 60 seconds of highlights from the previous night’s games. Every night, there will be a live scoreboard.

But most of all, there will be more and more of what I promised when I opened this site less than 3 months ago — a steady stream of quality content from around the NBA and around the world, without the clutter that clogs up every other decent NBA Web site out there, and without any ties to mega-corporations. I worked for two of them in my first 24 years in the journalism industry, and it is rejuvenating to be freed of arbitrary restrictions and to write freely as an independent sportswriter/businessman. Nobody in my business has done anything like this before, so it is uncharted territory for all of my readers, as it is for myself and the staff. And we’re bullish about it.

The site did record traffic this week, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, the staff continues to grow, and we are continuing to strive to make this a must-read site every day. Tomorrow, for example, Adam Zagoria will file a post-game column off the Kentucky-North Carolina game, which will have something like 10 first-round NBA draft picks playing in it.

If you go wandering around the site (which is about reach 1,000,000 page views since its Sept. 6 launch) you can find a lot of quality reading, but I am noticing in my analytics that some pieces are being overlooked, sometimes incomprehensibly so. The Internet is a fickle place.

So while we are getting the newsletter is up and running, I will periodically post a recap item, like this one, highlighting the best stuff on the site from the past week. So here are this week’s site highlights. Please take the time to read each of the links, I promise it will be time well spent. -CS

_ Mark Heisler column: The Lakers want Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, and will become immensely profitable.

_ Jan Hubbard column: Don’t be so quick to declare the players the losers when looking at the lockout settlement.

_ The Bernucca List, which is in addition to his column on the quality of hoops we’ll see compared to the post-lockout ball from ’99.

_ Nick Gibson column: The two teams atop Euroleague will lose a combined total of zero NBA players.

_ Guest column by Ryan Spoon: Twitter’s fascinating role in the lockout.

_ Sheridan columns:

_ Hidden gems in the free agent market.

_ The money factor in the CP3 and D12 trade discussions.

_ This item, with a link to a radio hit I did discussing the upcoming US vs. Spain 2012 Olympic gold medal game.

_ How the lockout got settled, written as the sun came up after my final lockout stakeout.



  1. Thomas says

    Sorry the comment was jumbled. I can read every article on your site through my google reader without ever clicking links on your site. There is a way (I don’t know how) that you can restrict what I as a google reader user can view from my reader. When there is a restriction I can read a short summary if the article. If I want to read the full article I need to visit the site. Maybe this will help with people not overlooking some of the content and clicking links to all of the content.

    Hopefully this makes sense now.

  2. Thomas says

    Love what you’re doing with the site and the content. Probably should close the content to google/yahoo and other reader applications so people have to come to the site to read articles. Can change access to articles to summary only for reader apps.


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