Blockbuster trade: Chris Paul going to the Lakers

Mark Heisler was the first to tell you this was a possibility nearly two weeks ago. Now, it appears it is happening.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets have agreed to a three-way deal sending Chris Paul to the Lakers.

New Orleans will receive Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and the New York Knicks’ first-round draft pick in 2012. The Rockets are getting Pau Gasol from the Lakers. There could be other pieces in this deal, too, but we won’t know all of them for certain until 2 p.m. EST, tomorrow when the league officially reopens for business.

Now, it’s a matter of whether Andrew Bynum and a couple of first-round draft picks will be enough to get Dwight Howard from Orlando.

As for the Hornets, I’d say general manager Dell Demps did quite well, given the circumstances.


  1. Dan says

    Orlando is not trading dwight. And certainly won’t trade for the injury prone immature punk bynum. Write about something else sheridan. Quit being part of the espn machine with suggesting howard wants out

  2. Joe says

    actually it is sounding like the trade is nixed. Bc the league owns the hornets the owners not named Jerry Buss are vetoing the trade

  3. Jacob says

    Gotta hand it to the Hornets. They really salvaged this trade. Their starting five right now is Okafor, Skola, Odom, Kevin Maritn, and probably Jarret Jack/Dragic. Ariza off the bench. That just might be a better team than before.

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