Dwight Howard has requested a trade to the Nets

That is the news out of Orlando this evening, and now it is a question of whether New Jersey has enough pieces to get the deal done.

It has been well known that New Jersey is willing to deal center Brook Lopez and two first-round draft picks to Orlando, taking back the contract of Hedo Turkoglu in the deal to give Orlando salary cap flexibility.

But is that enough to get the league’s most dominant center? Also, can the Nets clear more than $5 million in salary cap space to make the deal work under NBA trade rules? My sources tell me New Jersey is confident it can clear the additional cap room, so the timetable on getting this mega-deal done could be quick rather than slow. (Trading Jordan Farmar and Damion James for a draft pick would get the Nets the room they need).

Turkoglu has a 15 percent trade kicker, which bumped his original 2011-12 salary from $10.6 million to $12.2 million. Howard is making $18.1 million this season, so the Nets would be sending only $3.08 million out and getting back $31.3 million in salary. Using the amnesty clause on Travis Outlaw ($7 million) would get New Jersey’s cap number down to the $33 million range, hence the need to clear an extra $5 million to fit both Howard and Turkoglu in under the cap.

Here is more on this story from Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, who was the first to report the news of Howard’s trade request:

“(Magic general manager Otis) Smith said Howard has made the request twice in separate conversations since Monday. Smith emphasized that the Magic want to keep Howard long-term, and he added that Howard and his camp haven’t told the team that he definitely will not remain with the franchise. Indeed, Smith repeated what Magic officials have said for days: that the team will make every effort to keep the All-NBA First Team center. “We wouldn’t be who we are if we don’t take a look around all 29 teams and try to make the best deal for the Orlando Magic, Smith said. “He can have his list of teams that he would like to go to, and we’ve probably got a few on our list of teams that we would like. But at the end of the day, we want him here and we want him in a Magic uniform for his career. With that said, we’re going to make the best possible deal that we can make if we have to trade him.”


  1. Sean says

    That’s a whole lot of cap room the Magic will have. Too bad there isn’t a lot of players worth spending it on available. Considering what NO is possibly getting for CP3 this doesn’t really seem like a lot. Wish Dwight was willing to go to the Clippers, they actually have some valuable assets.

  2. Matt says

    No crying Chrissy. Knicks gonna get spanked by NJ. Oh and you do realize we’d renounce the rights to Kris Humphries right? I know you don’t want this to happen, but check your facts. This sloppy journalism is what got you fired in the first place.

  3. Michael Austin says

    Here is what the Knicks should do

    Since Chris Paul only wants to be a Knick let him wait it out in New Orleans and come to us for Vet min, he will make the money back in endorsments.

    Use MLE on Dwight Howard in summer, he will want to come to a winning team.

    Hopefully sign Jason Terry for vet min

    Trade Iman Shumpert for Oj Mayo

    Trade Landry Fields for Stephen Curry

    Chris Paul/Oj Mayo
    Jason Terry/Stephen Curry
    Melo/cheap vet

  4. Michael Austin says

    OMG Chris! I am a Knick fan and if Nets get Dwight they are better than us. I cant take this, I cant let them take over NYC because THEY WILL. We play zero defense, we have Amare and Tyson who get injured if they walk down stairs and Nets have the best pg and best center! I cant take this Chris! Hopefully Dwight gets to NJ and notices the mouse traps and leaves to come straight to the GARDEN!

    Love Michael Austin aka Chris Sheridans number 1 fan!!


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