Garnett facing suspension?

If you punch an opposing player, you get an automatic suspension.

If you smack an opposing player in the neck, do you incur the wrath of Stu Jackson?

Kevin Garnett will find out soon enough after he hit Knicks forward Bill Walker in the neck with an open-handed smack after missing the potential game-tying jumper in Boston’s season-opening loss to the New York Knicks.

Walker had to be restrained from going after Garnett, who may have been fouled on the final attempt. Television replays were inconclusive, and TNT showed only one replay of the altercation.

But Jackson has the means to replay the incident as many times as he deems necessary, and the guess here is that KG is banned from the building when Boston visits Miami on Tuesday night.


  1. GimmeAbreak says

    That was a neck push, not a “hit.” That was a “get the f#ck away from me Billy boy” jugular jostle that looked way worse than it was…give me a break. A suspension? A thug? Thugs rob old women, deal drugs, and bring guns into locker rooms. KG doesn’t take sh!t from upstart NBA players who wanna share a little lip-smack about how he just blew the game-winner. The two also played together, warred together, so this snippet of animosity is more akin to a fraternal meltdown – a spasmodic outburst – that’s not atypical for either player. KG doesn’t take crap, and neither does Bill. This wasn’t a fight, nor was it a punch or a hit, it was a big brother letting a little brother know that “now is not the right f$cking time.” A KG suspension would be preposterous, yet unsurprising.

  2. jon says

    Last time I checked KG was a grown ass person, what an immature move by a supposely star player. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely a celtics fan but he’ll never get his second ring

  3. Danny Osorio says

    Garnett is a thug. Completely unsportsman-like. Even if you do get fouled, you argue with the ref. Even so, there didn’t seem to be excess contact to create such a reaction from him. He lost his cool. He’s not fooling anyone by talking to himself before games. He’s nuts. He might be frustrated at his diminishing skills and age. I would be mad too if I used to be a top-5 player and now can’t finish over Bill Walker.

  4. Mike Wiley says

    I can’t see how KG avoids the wrath of Jackson. KG was clearly the aggressor and it took place after the game ended.


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