Offshore power rankings: Odds to win title

Merry Christmas, all.

Lots of feedback on yesterday’s inaugural preseason power rankings, with positive vibes coming out of Chicago (No. 1) and Memphis (No. 4), vitriol spewing from Jersey (No. 30).

Of course, one man’s opinion is just an opinion.

But there are others who take the relative strengths and weaknesses of the 30 NBA teams more seriously, because they have money riding on it. Many of those folks are offshore, spending today’s holiday on the beaches of the tiny islands where their computer servers are located.

Those folks run gambling Websites, and they have posted odds on each team’s chances to win the NBA title. We won’t play favorites here and reveal where these particular odds came from, but they provide a more objective perspective than the subjective ones that come from writers such as myself and my friend Marc Stein, whose power rankings have been a fixture on for a decade.

So here are the odds on each team to win the title:

Miami Heat                           20/7
Oklahoma City Thunder         15/2
Chicago Bulls                         8/1
Los Angeles Lakers              10/1
Dallas Mavericks                  14/1
Los Angeles Clippers            15/1
New York Knicks                  19/1
Boston Celtics                      23/1
Memphis Grizzlies                23/1
San Antonio Spurs                33/1
Orlando Magic                      36/1
Portland Trail Blazers           43/1
Denver Nuggets                   46/1
Atlanta Hawks                     87/1
New Jersey Nets                  92/1
Indiana Pacers                   103/1
Houston Rockets               117/1
Golden State Warriors        124/1
Milwaukee Bucks               216/1
Philadelphia 76ers              216/1
Phoenix Suns                    247/1
Utah Jazz                         247/1
Minnesota T-Wolves          270/1
Washington Wizards         309/1
Detroit Pistons                  323/1
Charlotte Bobcats             323/1
New Orleans Hornets         323/1
Sacramento Kings             370/1
Toronto Raptors                432/1
Cleveland Cavaliers           493/1



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