More on Dwight Howard and the Clippers

Dwight Howard said “No” last night when he was asked if he now has interest in playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The key word in that question is “now.”

Because right now, he wants to play for the New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks or Los Angeles Lakers — and the Lakers are a distant third on that list. The Clippers would be something to consider if circumstances over the next several months make those first three destinations unattainable, and as I reported in my story on the Howard-Clippers possibility, it would only happen next summer through a sign-and-trade (a detail too many people are overlooking).

How could that happen?

Here is a timeline that would put the Clippers into play.

(For more on my side of the story, give a listen to this interview I did this morning with Brian Fritz and Mike Bianchi on the Open Mike Show on 740 The Game radio in Orlando.)

1. The Mavericks fail to trade Shawn Marion for an expiring contract(s). Right now, the Mavericks are positioned to have enough cap space to make a run at one max-salary unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2012. If they can move Marion, who has a player option worth $9 million for next season, in exchange for a player or players who come off the cap after this season, they will have room to go after two max players. That is their ticket for recruiting both Howard and Deron Williams.

2. Deron Williams opts out with the Nets and commits to Dallas. Williams has already stated his intention to opt out, and if he makes a commitment to Dallas for their one max slot (assuming Marion has not been traded), then there is not enough money left for Howard to join him with the Mavericks. If however, Williams opts out and then tells the Nets he will re-sign with them for more than $100 million over five years, the Nets will still have enough cap space to make Howard a max offer, and he could join a team that has a core of Williams, Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, MarShon Brooks and the Nets’ lottery pick, which will be a high pick in a deep draft. (This is New Jersey’s dream scenario)

3. Howard spurns Brooklyn. Assuming Williams commits to the Mavericks after July 1 for their lone max salary slot, Howard decides he does not want to play for the Nets because they no longer have Williams.

4.  The Lakers get outbid. If situations 1, 2 and 3 happen, the Nets and Mavericks are off the list. Who’s left? The Lakers are team No. 3. Maybe they are willing to give up Andrew Bynum in a sign-and-trade. Maybe. But then the Clippers call the Magic and say we’ll give you DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, Mo Williams and the rights to their No. 1 pick. The Magic then tell Howard that the only sign-and-trade they’ll agree to is the Clippers’ offer. That would then leave him to choose between the Nets, without Williams, or the Clips, who have Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

That’s how it could go down, and that is six months from now. Not now.

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  1. LoveThisGame says

    I don’t understand what all the rage on this article is about.
    The author merely mentioned the 3 well known scenarios (as demanded by Dwight Howard): Nets, Mavs, Lakers and summarised what exactly has to happen for each team to get Dwight. He furthermore ranked these scenarios purely on “who’s turn is it right now?”. Nothing else. And right now the only team that can actually be active is the Dallas Mavericks. They right now have to trade Marion, so they can amnesty Haywood and be in position to sign both Howard and Deron. If they manage to do so, this will pose a very real and serious threat to the other teams in the run and I think it highly likely that both Deron and Howard will chose Dallas over New Jersey, even if New Jersey would end up getting Howard through FA without losing any players. Because Dallas would just be the better team next year (and possible 1-2 seasons after that).
    Now if Dallas CAN’T deal Marion, they could only go after Deron OR Howard and would have to get very creative and would be at the mercy of a trade partner in order to still get them both. Which makes it much less likely that Deron would go to Dallas (and Howard will go where Deron goes, you will see them on the same squad next season, that much is sure), as he would still be able to team up with Dwight in New Jersey without a hitch (and if we arrived in free agency, that means New Jersey didn’t and won’t have to give up anything to get Dwight).

    So to conclude: IF IT COMES TO FREE AGENCY BEFORE DWIGHT MOVES TO ANOTHER TEAM, the 2 realistic players are the Mavericks and Nets. While the Mavericks are the arguably more likely winner BUT have to make moves right now to be able to even be in the race. If the Mavericks option falls through, it’s the Nyets.

    Imho nothing else was said by the author so far and I fail to see any hype/media whoring or whatever you rage about in this.

    AS OF RIGHT NOW, there is still stuff that can happen BEFORE IT COMES TO FREE AGENCY.
    And I think that’s where the author got it a little wrong. If FA comes around, it’s either Mavs or Nets. But if the Magic push for a deal before FA and accept one of the offers, it is a bit up in the air as to whoose offer they accept. The New Jersey offer sounded by far the best to me so far but apparently they are not content with it in Orlando (understandable but they have to accept something before the deadline or Dwight will leave for nothing, he won’t stay, barring an unforeseeable mood swing or some such). The alternative deal from the Lakers is terrible imho but it is an offer, it’s on the table and Dwight has said LA sounds good to him. Who knows what secondary deals LA might swing but the fact remains that he would go there without Deron. I think that highly unlikely. Why would Dwight play for a very old squad which would have to be gutted for him to go there? What would remain beside Kobe? It’s a possibility but VERY UNLIKELY.
    And now comes the bomb by the author which everyone seems to go crazy about. He merely suggests that the CLIPPERS could actually offer a more enticing package to Orlando if they decide to avoid FA and get a solution now while they are still sure to receive sth for Dwight. And it is without a doubt that a package of DeAndre Jordan, Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe along with a 1st rounder (either the one from Minnesota or their own, whichever will be lower, as the higher one goes to New Orleans from Chris Paul trade) is MUCH BETTER than a package of Andrew Bynum AND Pau Gasol (if the Lakers would even want to give up both, would be stupid imho but the only way that deal becomes even possible). Why is the Clippers offer better? Because the Magic either have to go into rebuilding mode which means they need good ol’ young pieces and draft picks, OR they have to go into Denver Nuggets mode, which means they need incredible depth and lots of great players at every position. I think classic rebuilding is much nicer but in both cases, they would be better of with the Clippers offer. A Magic team with Bynum and Gasol would be good for 1st or 2nd round playoffs for a couple of years but until the magic are able to land/draft the missing good player to get them over the hump, Gasol would be too old and Bynum too injured (just a prediction 😛 ).

    Besides, going to the Clippers with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (let’s not forget Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups) would be the only scenario that makes sense for him where he doesn’t play with Deron. Actually I think that this scenario could lead to both L.A. teams winning, because Deron won’t stay in New Jersey in that case for sure and would have to decide between the Lakers and Mavericks. In this scenario I would give the edge to the Lakers, because Deron would play with Kobe, Bynum and Gasol, instead on a Mavs team that sorely misses a center and is much older (basically only has Nowitzki to offer Deron in this scenario).

  2. G.I. Joe says

    “There is talk of Dallas using amnesty with Brendan Haywood and attempt to find a team with cap space to absorb Shawn Marion’s $8.6 million salary. Even if Dallas accomplished moving Marion’s salary off the books, and that is a BIG if, they would still be short in cap space due to roster charges of having ten unfilled roster spots ($4.7 million against salary cap) and Dirk’s slated $20.9 million salary plus $3.5 million in misc. salary. The best they could hope for if everything goes right is about $27 million in cap space, short of about $5 million in what they will potentially need.”

    Phoenix Suns won’t have this problem.

  3. Corey says

    Every last rumor I saw always ends with Orlando getting shafted…. I mean do you really think the magic would be happy to trade Dwight for an injury prone Bynum?!?! Never going to happen… Even throwing in an gaining past his prime Gasoline will not be enough.

    The only way Orlando trades Howard to the clips if they get Griffin and Jordan in return…. I love how all these “analyst” like this idiot Sheridan think all these small market teams would be willing to accept crumbs for their superstars is ludicrous in and of itself…. No wonder Sheridan is a FORMER analyst.

    • Serge says

      Your a idiot Magic have no choice they can lose him for NOTHING. DJ leads the league is shot blocking, and can be good on the boards. Mo is a starting PG on a good team. Eric Bledsoe has a ton of potential try watching the players play, and don’t go by name. And they can add a first.

    • LoveThisGame says

      Orlando right now still thinks that Dwight might stay. I don’t have all the facts but from what I can gather that seems like wishful thinking, nothing more. The closer the trade deadline comes, the more important it will become for Orlando to either a) swing a block buster trade to actually do keep Dwight in Orlando (mind you that trade would have to bring a player at least close to Deron Williams’ caliber to Orlando, can’t see that happening at all!). Or b) they have to trade Howard for the best package they can get. That package has to come from either the Mavs, Nets or Lakers, as Howard otherwise won’t sign an extension. From those three teams, the Nets clearly have the best package but the Magic think they should get more/better pieces for Dwight. Sure they should but they also should be happy if they can get anything for Dwight at all. Because if they don’t pull the trigger and wait for FA, then they will loose him for nothing but cap space (which there won’t even be until Hedo’s over-inflated contract comes of the books). So what Orlando hopes for is exactly what Sheridan mentions in his article: For a wild-card team to appear with an offer Orlando likes more than the best offer so far (the Nets’) and which would actually be good enough to possibly convince Dwight to go there.
      And the Clippers are one of the very few teams that fit that bill. The package they could offer might actually be more attractive than the Nets’ package for Orlando. Playing with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (along with seasoned veterans like Butler and Billups) and it being LA after all, might be just enough to sway Howard.

      I don’t get what’s so hard to understand for Magic fans that Howard is leaving. Same with the Cavs before and this is almost as bad as the retarded Laker fanboys who always expect the lakers to land top tier superstars for NOTHING IN RETURN SOMEHOW (which in all fairness happened with Gasol a couple of years back lol).

      • LoveThisGame says

        Oh and pls don’t get me wrong. I feel for Magic fans, I really do. Its messed up and particularly sad after the Shaq desaster back in the days and especially since he and Dwight are somewhat similar players to and have similar meaning for the franchise now and then. This seems like a curse and some really weird stuff.
        But acting like Dwight still has several years on his contract and actinge like you have all the cards in your hands is just denial.
        The reality of the situation is well known and Orland Fans should be happy and thankful that Dwight doesn’t just say “Oh, I plan to stay in Orlando, no worries guys, I just wait to sign my extension in the summer, financial and tax reasons… or sth… you know? :D”.
        And then he waits until the summer and just up and leaves as a FA going WHEREVER HE DAMN WELL PLEASES and to a team that didn’t have to give away anyone to get him. This would be by far the best situation for Dwight. And if I was him and found a way to do this without hurting my public image (like Deron found a way in New Jersey, cuz he is doing exactly this), then I would do so as well. And then the Magic would be absolutely, completely and utterly screwed.

        This way at least they can get very valuable pieces back. When I heard that New Jersey offered Lopez, some scrap and a first rounder, I was actually surprised how good that offer was. And the only reason the offer is so good is because New Jersey has so much riding on getting Howard and are so worried that they might loose out on him which would mean to loose out on Deron as well which would spell pure and utter disaster.

        So Orland should suck it up, even though its absolutely undeserved and unfai, and be HAPPY if they can get a package as good as the Nets’ and just take it. Unless they know something I don’t know and have a chance to keep Dwight. Which I don’t believe is remotely possible unless they have a trade in the works that brings in a Deron Williams caliber player.

  4. Jason says

    The end of Chris Sheridan…dude, you’ve gotten some publicity out of this at least…

    So you follow up your “report” that Howard has soured on NJ and he’s intrigued by the Clips. Then you say no, I didn’t really mean it, and Howard doesn’t really mean what he’s saying. Forget he responded on Twitter, that he has no interest, and in a post game interview. Forget both the Clippers and Magic have denied it….

    You’re a professional writer. If FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE are ignoring a key component of your article, maybe you shouldn’t have hid that key component in a bunch of trash journalism.

    I’d just like to help you out early on in your new career. Yes, I would absolutely like Fries with my burger.

  5. Raja33r5 says

    WOW Chris you are retarted. Stop trying to generate buzz you attention whore
    your opening statement is merely an inference and you base your entire argument on your interpretation.

    NEXT up on Sheridan Hoops:
    Sheridan running for President (bc he says so)

  6. Randy Oreens says

    Chris why do you even bother? Dwight wants to be a NET next year, he is on a good team right now but hasnt commited to staying and still wanted out with the same 3 teams listed. He doesnt want to go to the Clippers not even Chris Paul has signed an extension with the Clippers.
    Clippers: Arent trading Blake plus salaries dont match
    Dallas: Have no assets to trade for Dwight
    Lakers: Arent trading both Gasol and Bynum and have no valuable young players or nice picks
    Nets: Have a good pick in this years draft, houstons 2012 pick, Marshon Brooks, Expiring Contracts, Brook Lopez.

    And if Dwight makes it to free agency he is going to his first choice team the Nets and teaming with Deron. Deron is loyal to the Nets who gave up Harris, Favors, Kanter for him. Just like Melo and Amare planned to team up with the Knicks, and Bosh Wade and Lebron planned to team up with the Heat. Deron and Dwight are planning to team up in Brooklyn. Its a league of superstars now.

    • JT says

      Sorry, Randy – Lopez is a stiff, Houston’s pick will be mid-pack, and who the F is Marshon Brooks? Say buh-bye to The Russian’s dream. Say hello to Jameer Nelson, JJ Redick, and maybe if you’re very lucky, Ryan Anderson (but I wouldn’t count on it). And oh yeah, say goodbye to Deron. He’s coming to Orlando to join Dwight. Lots of sun, lots of fun, and no state income tax (without any major endorsement money, DW could use the extra 8%). We won’t be taking out your garbage, but you CAN have some of our role players. The Nets suck. They will always suck. Even when they get out of Jersey, they’ll still never be able to wash the stink off. LOL!

  7. Basketball fan says

    I love this blog, where common sense is left at the door. We’ll stop listening to what the athlete actually says.

  8. Jason says

    Sheridan was bad when he worked for ESPN, and now hes got his own site? How about you admit you were wrong about Howard adding the Clippers to his list as YOU previously reported? This is my one and only visit to this site…….

  9. JT says

    So – if I’m Rich DeVos, here’s what I do: I contact The Russian and tell him that I am planning on filing the tampering charges with the league and asking them not only to make you pay us a penalty, but also to prevent you from acquiring Dwight Howard, by any means, for the next five years. Then I ask if he’s interested in trading Deron Williams for any combination of players not named Howard. I’d even throw in an Amway franchise in Moscow or Brooklyn, his choice, lol…

  10. MajicFan says

    Nonsense. This whole story line smells of pure fiction. I don’t believe Dwight has said anything to anyone who would repeat it about his plans since his initial interview when he asked to be traded. I also believe that he is considering staying with the Magic as much as he is considering going to another team. If Dwight really wants to win, WHY would he go to the Nets (no offense, Net fans)? And I wouldn’t characterize Dallas as a place for big market exposure. He has just as much exposure in Orlando and a team he has played with for some years. We just need to pick up a key free agent without giving up JJ or Ryano. Same for the Lakers. Even though he would have the Hollywood crowd, we will have the better team.

    • Serge says

      Magic have no cap and won’t next summer. And have no good trade assets to get D-Will. Some people need to wake up.

  11. JT says

    Wow. Talk about throwing something up against the wall to see if it will stick. You are in a league with Pingalore. If that’s the best offer the Clipps come up with, expect the Magic to refuse. I guarantee you they will let him walk before they take the garbage you’ve defined. But the way things are going here’s another thing to toss and see if it sticks: the Magic trade for Deron Williams, and Dwight stays. Put that in your pipe and smoke it…

    • Serge says

      You need to learn more about basketball. The only deal better then that is Bynum. Also your dreaming Magic have NOTHING to trade to get D-Will.

  12. Andy says

    I think, the Clippers can’t trade their first round pick this year unless they acquire another one via the Ted Stepien Rule because they sent their first pick to Cleveland last year (Kyrie Irving).

  13. Paul says

    If D-Will resigns w/ the Nets and Howard joins him as a UFA this summer, doesn’t he loose his Bird Rights (and a lot of money in the process) ? He might as well go the Clips as part of a sign & trade, get the max deal AND the better situation. What am I missing ?

    • Serge says

      He could be willing to give up that money to join D-Will in NJ or Dallas. Like Bosh and Lebron where willing to do.

  14. Nick says

    Umm…yeah….this is still all speculation on your part, not based in anything factual. You claimed Howard had put the Clippers on his wish list. He said he had not. Nice try justifying your blatant lies to drum up traffic to your website. Apparently journalistic integrity is not on YOUR wish list.


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