Hamilton: Time to trade Stoudemire, with suggestions

NEW YORK – Back when the NBA released its truncated 66-game schedule on December 6, tonight’s South Beach matchup featuring the New York Knicks and LeBron’s beach bums was supposed to be a clash of the titans.

Instead, it’s an NBA version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Exactly one year ago today, the Amar’e Stoudemire-led Knicks beat the Miami Heat in Madison Square Garden. To that point, it was probably Stoudemire’s most proud moment as a Knick. After the win, his team was 24-21.

One year later, with him struggling to co-exist with Carmelo Anthony, he finds himself on the trading block.

Yes, Stoudemire is stuck playing in an unimaginative and predictable isolation system. It has been devoid of open looks and uncontested dunks.

And although that’s not necessarily Stoudemire’s fault, thus far this season, he has looked old, slow, and—at times—uninterested.

Earlier this week, he said that his conditioning isn’t necessarily where it needs to be. The back injury that he sustained prior to Game 2 of April’s playoff series against the Celtics, he says, interrupted his offseason workout regimen and conditioning routine.

Maybe that’s what’s going on here.

Or, maybe he’s mad that the Knicks were open to the idea of using him as a pawn to land Chris Paul.  The Knicks made the offer and were immediately rebuffed by the Hornets. Stoudemire found out.

And now, the latest trade rumors out of New York say that the Knicks and Magic are “discussing” scenarios in which Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler would head to Orlando in exchange for a package built around Dwight Howard and (presumably) Hedo Turkoglu.

Since Chandler was only recently signed as a free agent, he is not eligible to be traded by the Knicks until March 1. So it’s not possible for any such deal to go down before then.

But all of that aside, it’s interesting to see how quickly—in New York—someone can go from being the savior of the franchise to someone being openly shopped.

It’s especially interesting when you consider that the Knicks biggest problem is their offense and that they don’t have anything close to capable hands controlling it.

Stoudemire and Anthony are two dangerous offensive weapons that can both hit jumpers from the perimeter and score on the interior. There should be little doubt that playmakers such as Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, or even Jose Calderon could help maximize their insane potential.

Unfortunately, at this point, that might all be water under the bridge. The Knicks have twice discussed scenarios involving Stoudemire, and we all know the type of impact trade rumors can have on a player.

That’s the tough thing about building a team. You’ve always got to look for ways to improve, and sometimes that may entail various scenarios in which you trade guys. But as we saw in the case of Lamar Odom, there is such a thing as a point of no return.

If the trade rumors are the source of Stoudemire’s poor play—and it could be—the Knicks have no choice but to trade him. All too often, we fail to recognize the significant impact that the mental part of the game plays on the performance of our heroes.

Even worse, there is a growing number of general managers and coaches across the league that don’t believe that Stoudemire can co-exist with Anthony. To this point in their respective careers, Stoudemire has been most successful in an up-tempo system while Anthony has excelled at a slower, half-court pace.

It’s only 18 games into the 2011-12 season—a season which the Knicks have played without a true floor general. But numbers don’t lie. By my count, after winning only one of their four games over the past week, the Stoudemire-Anthony duo is now 18-23.

If you think hard enough, you can surely come up with good reasons to explain their terrible record. But once you’ve finished, you’d be forced to face the most obvious possibility: Maybe the partnership can’t work?

Although I’m not there yet, personally, it’s something that definitely needs to be considered. If the Knicks decided to trade one of the two, they would certainly rather deal Stoudemire than Anthony.

Anthony is Jim Dolan’s prized acquisition. Plus, he’s younger, healthier, and more marketable.

Finding a new home for Stoudemire might be difficult due to his uninsured contract, health concerns, and recent poor play. But if there’s one thing that Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis taught me, it’s that anyone can be traded. You just need to find the right team at the right time.

The other team would have to be in the market for a primary offensive option and have to have a point guard on the roster that could create plays. In return, they’d need to have either an older, comparable power forward and/or backcourt depth that they could send the Knicks in return.


That being said, here are five Stoudemire deals that might make some sense:

Trade #1
New York Knicks receive: Luis Scola, Goran Dragic, and New York’s own 2012 first round draft pick
Houston Rockets receive: Amar’e Stoudemire, Toney Douglas, and Jerome Jordan

Why the Knicks do it
Here, the draft pick is major. The 2012 draft will be the deepest since 2003 and the Knicks are currently shut out. Houston would convey New York’s own 2012 first round pick back to New York (the Knicks sent it to Houston as a part of the cap clearing Tracy McGrady trade back in February 2010). Better yet, Luis Scola would give the Knicks something they lack, even with Stoudemire—an offensive post threat. Dragic has shown flashes of brilliance in his short career. He flourished playing behind Steve Nash in Phoenix and could probably man the point guard position fairly well for the Knicks  along with Baron Davis.

Why the Rockets do it
The Rockets have managed their cap and assets well over the past few years but lack a primary offensive option that is capable of carrying the load on a nightly basis. With Kyle Lowry playing the best basketball of his career this year and Kevin Martin drilling jumpers from the perimeter, Stoudemire would fit in nicely. Samuel Dalembert could help protect Stoudemire and his defensive deficiencies. If Houston is ever to become more than a team with a lot of assets and cap space, they’ll need to eventually take a risk and trade for someone who can help them score and distract opposing defenses.

Trade #2
New York Knicks receive: Elton Brand, Jodie Meeks, and Philadelphia’s own 2012 second-round pick
Philadelphia 76ers receive: Amar’e Stoudemire and Toney Douglas

Why the Knicks do it
They do it for the same reasons they’d trade Amar’e for Scola or Pau Gasol. Brand is a good post option whose health concerns seem to be a thing of the past. Even though he’ll soon be 33, Brand is coming off of a very good 2010-2011 campaign and is one of the few big guys in the league that gives you one steal and one block per game. He plays great in a half-court set and would have no issues with playing Robin to Carmelo’s Batman. In Jodie Meeks, the Knicks would get one of the best 3-point shooters in the league and would immediately fill their need at the shooting guard spot.

Why the 76ers do it
The 76ers are currently 12-6 and sit at first place in the Atlantic Division. But when you look at who they’ve beaten and who they’ve lost to, it’ll become obvious that they’re not as good as their record says. Aside from their Wednesday night loss to the Nets, back on January 21, they were blown out by the Heat. Ah, the Heat — the same team that ousted them from the playoffs last year. If the 76ers want to take the next step, they need to find someone who is capable of being the primary offensive option, yet be willing to share the ball. Stoudemire has proven that he can be that piece. By moving Meeks, the 76ers will also clear minutes for Evan Turner. With Jrue Holiday, Turner, Andre Iguodala, Stoudemire, and Spencer Hawes starting for Doug Collins’ team, I’d think they’d stand a better chance against the likes of the Chicagos and Miamis of the East.

Trade #3
New York Knicks receive: Pau Gasol, Darius Morris, and Dallas’ 2012 first round pick.
Los Angeles Lakers receive: Amar’e Stoudemire, Landry Fields, and Iman Shumpert.

Why the Knicks do it
It’s pretty simple. They’d be getting the best player in the trade. For some reason, Gasol has worn out his welcome in Tinsel Town. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With Tyson Chandler, he would form the East’s version of the Twin Towers—at least on the defensive end. Like Anthony, Gasol excels in a half court system and is a great passer from the post. In Morris, the Knicks would get a young point guard prospect who was on their radar this past June. The Lakers got a Top-20 protected pick from the Mavericks when they sent Lamar Odom to the Big D. So long as they were getting Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert in return, they’d probably include it.

Why the Lakers do it
They know Kobe won’t be around forever, so they’re in “win now” mode. Since Mike Brown has implemented a pick and roll based system in Los Angeles, pairing Kobe with one of the best pick and roll bigs in the league would make for some sweet music. Stoudemire is just as reliable from the perimeter as Gasol, but a much better finisher in the paint. He isn’t nearly the passer that Gasol is, but with Gasol hanging out on the perimeter in Mike Brown’s sytem, the Lakers wouldn’t miss it. If they were getting the hometown kid, Landry Fields, and a young rookie prospect in Iman Shumpert, the deal would make sense since they desperately need backcourt depth.

Trade #4
New York Knicks receive: Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu, and Chris Duhon
Orlando Magic receive: Amar’e Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler

Why the Knicks do it
Ummm… Dwight Howard? In essence, the Knicks would be combining Tyson Chandler’s defensive and rebounding prowess with 2007 Stoudemire’s scoring ability. All they’d need is a Stretch 4 (Antawn Jamison will be a free agent this summer) and they’d be in business. Turkoglu and Duhon would both be included for cap purposes, but both would play important roles for the Knicks. Turkoglu has good chemistry with Dwight and plays well in a halfcourt system. Duhon once flourished under D’Antoni and could provide the Knicks with a very capable hand off the bench.

Why the Magic do it
Richard DeVos is the owner of the Orlando Magic. He’s 85 and doesn’t want to go through a long rebuilding process. If Dwight leaves Orlando, the Magic want to make sure that they have an opportunity to compete. At the very least, they want to get decent talent in return for Dwight to keep their brand new arena somewhat full. They surely will not make a trade like the one the Hornets made for Chris Paul. In Stoudemire, the Magic would be getting a local product. Amar’e was born in Lake Wales and played high school basketball at Orlando’s Cypress Creek High School. It would be the Central Florida version of Carmelo’s “homecoming” to New York. With Tyson Chandler, Ryan Anderson, J.J. Redick, and Jameer Nelson, the Magic would be no laughingstock. Moreover, a return of Chandler and Stoudemire would be great compared to the other offers they’d get. Unless the Lakers are willing to trade Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol (which they said they wouldn’t), or the Clippers were willing to deal Blake Griffin (which we have no reason to believe that the would), the Magic couldn’t possibly get more talent in return for a player that might leave them—like Shaq—with nothing.

Trade #5
New York Knicks receive: Joe Johnson and Ramon Sessions
Atlanta Hawks receive: Rashard Lewis, Nick Young, and Iman Shumpert
Washington Wizards receive: Amar’e Stoudemire and Marvin Williams
Cleveland Cavaliers receive: Andray Blatche

Why the Knicks do it
They would plug their hole at the point guard spot with a youngster that both Mike D’Antoni and his older brother, Dan, know very well. And although Joe Johnson has a whopping 5 years and $100M left on his contract, it’s only one more year than Stoudemire. Joe has shown the ability to hit big shots and can create off the dribble just as well as he can catch and shoot. This trade would leave the Knicks very thin up front, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. They’d need to fill the hole that Stoudemire’s departure would create, but they’d plug two in return.

Why the Hawks do it
It’s all about the money. Over the next five years, the Hawks will pay the combination of Marvin Williams and Joe Johnson a ridiculous $130 million. The Hawks also have long term money tied up in Al Horford and Josh Smith, but certainly cannot afford to pay $20-$30 million in luxury tax bills each year. Something has to give. For the Hawks, being committed to paying the combination of Rashard Lewis, Nick Young, and Iman Shumpert $50 million over the next four years has to be more appealing than the aforementioned $130 million option. In Lewis, they get a 3-point shooter who can help space the floor and in Young, they get a young shooting guard whose stock is rising because of his ability to score. We are not quite sure what Shumpert is yet, but he’s well known in Atlanta, having played his college ball for Georgia-Tech. This would represent a good haul for the Hawks. With Jeff Teague, Josh Smith, and Al Horford, the Hawks—though they might step back in the immediate future—would end up younger, fresher, and with more flexibility over the long term.

Why the Wizards do it
The team is a mess and they need a few veterans who actually play. Even more so, they need someone for John Wall to run with. Stoudemire and Williams both play well in transition and would both make fairly reliable targets for Wall. Though the deal would cost them Nick Young, they’re very likely to lose him this summer. Last summer, he felt disrespected by the Wizards lowball contract offer and accepted the one year qualifying offer. He’ll be unrestricted this summer and isn’t likely to return. The toughest part of the Wizards making this deal would be getting owner Ted Leonsis to invest serious money in Stoudemire and Williams. But if he has any intention of trying to build a winner in DC, he’ll have to pony up at some point.

Why the Cavaliers do it
The drafting of Kyrie Irving made Ramon Sessions expendable. They could jettison him and get Andray Blatche in return. Blatche might be a bit hard headed, but if Byron Scott was able to get positive production out of Kenyon Martin back in New Jersey, I think he can reach Blatche. With a reliable front court talent to play alongside Irving, I think the Cavaliers would be better having done their part in this four-teamer.

Moke Hamilton covers the New York Knicks for SheridanHoops.com and is the lead NBA Writer for CHARGED.fm. For the latest on the New York Knicks and all things NBA, follow him on Twitter.


  1. Thomas says

    They’re going to miss Lin, despite all the trash talk. The reason Linsanity occurred was everyone said he was no good, just like right now..

  2. J-Watts says

    How about Amare, Chandler, Douglas and Walker plus 2013 first round pick for Dwight, Anderson and Hedo. Everyone is happy with this trade! The magic stay competitive with Amare as their star, keep a strong defensive presence with Chandler, have two young peices in Douglas and Walker who can both play well and score and could be used as potential trade bait, as well as getting a pick. NYK would get Dwight ( for obvious reasons), get the stretch 4 that they need in Anderson as well as a good rebounder to help out, and take on Hedo’s contract. The only issue would be the Knicks losing more bench depth but make up for it on defensive improvment.

    • J-Watts says

      Starting Line-up – NYK
      PG – Lin
      SG – Fields
      SF – Melo
      PF – Anderson
      C – Howard

      Starting Line-up – Magic

    • Eric says

      “have two young peices in Douglas and Walker who can both play well and score and could be used as potential trade bait”

      Um, do you actually process thoughts before typing them into a keyboard?
      Do you watch NY Knicks games at all? if you did, you would surely laugh at yourself for suggesting that any GM in this league would give up any asset other than a coffee machine for the likes of
      pea-brained, 3rd string PG Toney Douglas and The Player Formerly Known as Bill Walker
      (who is once again injured btw and no one is happier about that Knicks fans).
      And of course, let’s not forget our $100million albatross Amare who every other day claims that he has either gained 10lbs. of muscle or lost 15lbs. of fat which will bring him back to playing where he should be, yet neither has worked all season.

  3. Jayjoe14 says

    Now with Linsanity, NYK can easily give-up their two bonafide struggling stars: Melo and Amare for Dwight Howard. Everyone would be happy. Magic will get 2 stars to rebuild their team and NYK will get the defensive player of the year who could blend well with Linsanity’s team game.

    They can also trade Bibby, Walker and Douglas for a decent back-up big man who could be Mehmet Okur (pick and pop for Linsanity) or Nazi Mohammed (another defensive player).

    NYK Starting Line-up:
    C – Chandler
    PF – Howard (not undersized anymore in PF)
    SF – Fields (LeBron stopper)
    SG – Shumpert (Kobe stopper)
    PG – Lin

    NYK’s Bench:
    C – Okur or Mohammed
    PF – Jeffries
    SF – Novak
    SG – JR Smith
    PG – Davis

    Magic’s Starting Line-up:
    C – Stoudemire
    PF – Anderson
    SF – Anthony
    SG – Richardson
    PG – Nelson

    • Eric says

      Landry Fields a.k.a “Lebron stopper”
      Shumpert a.k.a” Kobe stopper”

      LMFAO, does everyone here smoke crack? I sure hope not because I loves me my Knicks and there ain’t no way in hell I can believe any of my co-fans are this delusional.

  4. ignarus says

    Re: Trade #5
    1) It’s doubtful that the Cavs’ next step in building a high character, Spurs-styled organization is trading for Andray Blatche, the guy whose immaturity is currently undermining John Wall’s development.
    2) When I think of guys I’d pair with Carmelo Anthony, “Iso-Joe” is pretty far down the list at a normal market price, but with his actual contract, it’s unthinkable. Also, JJ didn’t like playing off the ball w/Mike D last time, so what makes one it’d be a good chemistry option this time around?

  5. Matt says

    1. You never trade a great big for a good small so swapping amare for joe johnson (and his ridiculous contract) fixes nothing. And you would give ATL Smith-STAT-Horford next year which is actually a great benefit for them. No.
    2. Scola, Dragic, pick is not enough value for STAT. Not even close.
    3. Elton Brand is not the answer for this team and you dont do anything to help your division rivals
    4. The LAL proposal is acceptable but not the best answer long term.
    5. You were on to something with the Howard deal but I stopped reading at taking back Hedo and signing Jamison. For one Hedo is mediocre and very hot/cold. His contract has 3 years and 34M left. Thats insane. That makes Chandler look like a steal. Jamison is washed up and plays less defense then Stoudemire so if you think Amare is bad at least he gets some blocks and steals, Jamison doesnt even do that and hes a horrid shooter to boot. Part of the equation for the Knicks is Howard. Theres no question about that. How you go about attaining him is the tricky part.

    The answer lies ultimately with not taking back Hedo’s deal. Fields, STAT and Chandler for Howard and Ryan Anderson. You would have to get some other team to get involved and give up an expiring deal but that is your answer. You get a good young stretch 4 who would have no place left to play in Orlando. Orlando saves face by getting 2 pieces that compliment the players they have left very well.

    The Knicks ultimately gain cap room which you could use 2 ways in the offseason. You would have about 14M to throw at Deron Williams. Could do that and be left with Deron and Shump in the backcourt and a frontline of Melo-Anderson-D12. Or you could use the cap room on Nash and some older vets such as KG or Duncan and Ray Allen who may take a little less to chase a ring again. Since the Knicks stupidly used their amnesty on Billups instead of letting that contract run out and having cap space this coming offseason, this would basically fix that mistake.

    Like the car companies and banks did…Take the bailout!!!

      • Dave Mooree says

        The trade that would benefit the Knicks the most would be to get Gasol for Amare and Fields I say leave Shumpert as he’s a lock down deffender sometihng the Knicks can’t afford to lose. The second is getting Howard and Anderson for Amare and Chandler if Orlando would be willing. There no better situation for Orlando unless they get both Bynum and Gasol.
        Both lineups looks very good, Amare looks like he knows a trade is coming when he gets traded he will become a beast. Knicks should of sat Melo more to build up Amare for trade.
        Lin Lin
        Jr Smith/Shump Jr Smith/Shump
        Melo Melo
        Anderson Gasol
        Dwight Chandler

  6. John says

    This is was a great article to read beng a Knicks fan. the only trade i really like is the Orlando one. How about trading tony douglas, landry fields, jeremy lin for brandon jennings and pick? Or trading Douglas for stuckey or jarret jack. You can also trade for the whole memphis or portland starting 5 for melo, thats what we did to get him and we need a deeper roster

  7. Carlos says

    Can you do one of these for Melo? I personally hated the trade when it happened and hate it even more now and if anyone should be moved its Melo and not Amare. Honestly trading Amare with his contract and no insurance, his knee injury history and the way he’s playing probably won’t happen unless someone wants a star and is desperate.

    I’d much rather trade Melo who seems to want to play his own way and not listen to anyone and play within the system. He’s done it a few games this year and he’s looked great and so have we. But no he wants to do Iso ball and play 1 on 1 and it’s taking everyone else out of the game.

  8. C&P says

    Trade 1, it gives the Knicks a replacement for Amare, a pg, and a a first round pick. Scola can hit the mid-range J, which would clear up space in the paint for Chandler.

  9. Colin says

    As a Cavs fan, I’d rather trade Ramon for a second round pick than take back that head case…. and I don’t even like Ramon.

    The Cavs already went through this crap with JJ, why would they go through it again with Blatche?

  10. Atronic says

    Nobody’s taking Amares contract especially since he looks like his body is starting to crumble little by little. Youtube Amare staudamire hes not the same player, also the Knicks and Nets will never trade with each other.

  11. says

    The idea of trading Stoudemire is ludicrous. The team has been structured around him: trading for a second All-Star, signing Tyson Chandler to fill the center position and protect Amar’e on defense, signing Baron Davis even with the risk of his back not healing well, etc.

    Stoudemire is struggling
    a.) because of his back and conditioning
    b.) he’s playing PF instead of C, where his defenders are quick enough to keep up with him
    c.) Tyson Chandler’s lack of offensive ability allows teams to clog the paint and shut down Amar’e
    d.) no true PG.

    The Knicks have had success with Anthony and Stoudemire together. The idea that they can’t coexist just isn’t true. Can’t remember where I read it, but there was a stat that the Knicks were like, 8-2 (or something similar) when they both score over 20 points. Likewise, last season, they put together a 7-game winning streak and had the offense cruising at over 110ppg.

    • Dan says

      Not only is it a stipid idea to trade Amar’e – everyone of these trade scenarios Moke presented are just plain awful. He’s on pretty on-point usually, but It’s as if the site needed to fill space badly and that’s why they ran this piece.

  12. warren s says

    I agree with Jim. Deron Williams must be in the deal. Amare wouldnt have these problems with a real point guard. The Laker and Orlando deals are interesting but do not solve inherent problems. Heck even Steve Blake or Luke Ridonaur added to knicks could change things drastically

  13. Edgar says

    Interesting read. As a Hawks fan, the most depressingly accurate thing about this article is that the Hawks are going to have to ship off key players and take back pennies on the dollar in terms of value to get under the cap in the coming years. And it’s probably going to take more than Marvin Williams to convince someone to take Joe Johnson’s contract. I’m thinking a combo of Johnson + Horford, Johnson + Teague, or Johnson + Smith is more likely. All of the other GMs in the league know that Rick Sund is not negotiating from a position of strength.

  14. Amir says

    So I got two scenarios, one where Melo goes to Portland for Walace and Felton, and the second where Melo and Douglas go to Memphis for Gay and Mayo.

  15. Jim says

    Only the Howard trade makes sense for the Knicks. Scola, Brand, Joe Johnson, Sessions, Dragic??? Who wrote this article? Sheridan or Isiah Thomas? The Knicks should be trading Carmelo Anthony. He’s the problem and he’s got more trade value. Amar’e will bound back once the ball starts moving again on offense.

    Trade #6:
    Knicks recieve: Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow
    Nets receive: Carmelo Anthony and Tony Douglas

    Why the Knicks do it: Deron Williams is perfectly built to run M. D’Antoni’s offense and get the rest of the Knicks players involved. Anthony Morrow gives the Knicks some desperately needed outside shooting at a decent price ($4M for two years). Knicks would be able to lock up Williams long term because it’s one of the teams he wants to play for.

    Why the Nets do it: The Nets have no guarantees they’ll get a superstar locked up for the Brooklyn move next year. Williams is on the fence and Dwight Howard may not be attainable. Anthony is locked into a long term contract and becomes the face of the Brooklyn Nets. Tony Douglas fills in at the point until the Nets can get an upgrade.

    • Amir says

      I agree with Jim. Knicks should trade Carmelo for Williams. They can maybe even force NJ to give up Morrow and Brooks, since NJ is desperatelly trying to get a star who is going to be there for long term and with Antony’s contract….they will get one. Maybe they can also try to get Gerald Wallace and Felton for Anthony. That would be a great trade too.

    • Big Dog says

      I don’t think the Houston trade is terrible. I love Scola, Dragic is good & it’d be nice to get that pick back.

      Either way, I WISH we could pull off the trade Jim suggested with NJ more than anything.

  16. Matt C says

    What about the Knicks sending Amare and Ihman to the Nets for Deron Williams and Morrow? Gives the Knicks a solid three point shooter and elite point guard and the Nets get two players to team up with Lopez and Marshon for the future.

  17. Ryan says

    As a Sixers fan, I would be estatic at gettin Amare. But 3 things aren’t realistic in deal. 1. Brand’s trade value is not that high. Him as the big name goin back to the Knicks is inconceivable. 2. Why would the Sixers want Douglas if the have Lou Williams? 3. This deal does not happen without the Sixers giving up 1st rd picks. The only deal that makes sense is amare/Dwight trade. If I’m the Sixers however, I hope he becomes a free agent. If they amnesty brand they’ll have almost 18 million in cap space. Win a playoff series this year, and Collins can convince him to come to Philly. A lineup of holiday, turner, iguodala, Dwight, and mid level exc. vet would give Miami fits. Add Williams, young, and a few pieces off the bench. Beats playin with dwill and in Brooklyn with no quality players. Even beats playin with Kobe for 2 yrs

  18. Ole says

    As a Cavaliers fan, I don’t see why Cleveland would do this trade. Sessions is an excellent 6th man, probably the best backup PG in the league. Blatche is essentially the same player as Jamison, and we also already have Tristan Thompson. If we got someone like Nick Young it would be different. Cavs need a 2 guard because Anthony Parker is already old and getting older.

  19. HVino says

    Wow Moke I usually love your articles and we usually share the same opinion. But damn man, this is the one least consistent articles I’ve read. Let me start by saying that I’d support trading Amar’e. But what the return is important.

    So let me ask you, how do you go from getting Scola, Dragic and our #1 pick back for Amar’e and Douglas (and Jordan) to getting Brand, Meeks and a #2 for basically the same package? That makes no sense. I think I’d argue that Scola is more valuable than Brand but then you have us getting a first in the Houston deal but not in the Philly deal?

    Then a similar idea with the Atlanta trade. You realize that your basically stating that Joe Johnson has more trade value than Amar’e because we’re also giving up Shumpert and only getting back Sessions (who is okay, but nothing special). Despite Johnson’s massive deal, I’d consider taking him… but why the hell do we give up the asset (Shumpert)? If anything I’d imagine something like Amar’e and Douglas for Joe Johnson, Teague and a 1st.

    I like the LA and Orlando deals personally (although the LA one I think it would make more sense for both sides to eliminate the Morris and #1 for Shumpert part). Unlike most, I’m pretty confident that we could be in the running for Dwight. Like you said, Amar’e and Chandler is the best talent Orlando could possibly get as long as LAL doesn’t give up Pau and Bynum or LAC giving up Blake. It’ll just come down to will Dwight want to extend in NY with basically just Melo and his old spare pieces and/or will Orlando actually trade him. I also wonder if Orlando would throw in Big Baby in the deal. They won’t need him with Anderson, Amar’e and Tyson. NY will need a PF (unless we sign Kenyon), so that could help both sides.

  20. eLone says

    Totally worthless read. Amare’s contract is untradeable. Period. Nobody in the NBA wants that contract uninsured. He’s stuck with the Knicks for the entire remaining years.

    • Jimbo says

      No one is every untradeable. This is the NBA, where there’s almost always a GM dumb enough to make a bad trade. Everything thought Gilbert was untradeable and yet he managed to find a new home. There’s always someone with an albatross of a contract and yet they tend to get traded eventually. The Knicks have to at least try, because the team they slapped together sucks.

  21. AnthonyD says

    These are all incredibly interesting.

    As a Knicks fan, I have been looking at Houston as a potential landing spot for STAT due to Morey’s desire for a top 20-ish guy over the past year. Not sure they would be able to get their pick back, but overall that deal seems pretty fair. The last 3 are great, but not sure they are realistic at all.

  22. Sam says

    I have a hard time believing anyone other than Isiah Thomas would trade for an uninsured player with Stoudemire’s injury history.

  23. David Green says

    This article is stupid!your telling me to trade A’mare and our young talent for a selfish one on one player, when the league is all about playing team ball,thats just stupid!if the Knicks was to make a trade the most value would be Melo,who is the problem asks Coach Karl and alot of ppl talk about A’mare health I question Melo more coming off 2 surgery’s and has injury’s NOW


  1. […] Even worse, there is a growing number of general managers and coaches across the league that don’t… It’s only 18 games into the 2011-12 season—a season which the Knicks have played without a true floor general. But numbers don’t lie. By my count, after winning only one of their four games over the past week, the Stoudemire-Anthony duo is now 18-23. SheridanHoops New York Knicks, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony  […]

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