Best Dunks Ever: The list goes on and on


Two of the best dunks in recent memory happened this week when Blake Griffin ‘Mozgov’d’ Kendrick Perkins and LeBron James jumped over John Lucas III of the Bulls to flush an alley-oop.

The boss sent out a tweet asking his followers to submit their best dunks of all-time, and responses came flooding in.

So here is a list of our 10 favorites. Plus, a few extras from the Twitter respondees.

After watching, how do you think Blake’s and ‘Bron’s stack up? Comments are welcome.

No. 10: Darvin Ham’s smash at Texas Tech.

No. 9: Marko Milic, who only played in 44 NBA games, leaping over a car and paving the way for Kia’s Blake Griffin stunt.

No. 8: A young Shaquille O’Neal on the Magic tearing down the entire basket, and the shot clock hitting him on the head.

No. 7: Allen Iverson showing little guys can make highlight reels as well.

No. 6: Not the best quality, but epic throwdown nonetheless by Julius Erving in the final ABA dunk contest.

No. 5: Daryl Dawkins, AKA Chocolate Thunder, breaks the backboard twice. Poor hoop had no chance.

No. 4: Early Kobe Bryant dunk on Ben Wallace.

No. 3: Derrick Rose, reaching heights point guards aren’t supposed to.

No. 2: Former NBA player Gerald Green dunking over the 2010 CBA dunk champion.

And of course, we can’t possibly leave out the dunk that every player/fan/human being dreams of.

No. 1: Half man, half amazing Vince Carter clearing 7-footer Frederic Weis in the Olympics.

Here’s a selection from Sheridanhoops’ tweeps responses, the majority voting for the above-mentioned Carter dunk over Frederic Weis as the best ever. Some you probably have seen: others you’ll wonder why you haven’t.

Dirk Minnifield at UK.

A young Gerald Wallace on the Kings.

This Doctor J. cradle rock is so famous that even the bearded fan reacting is memorable.

The Knicks are hoping they see more of this from B. Diddy when he returns from injury.

Kendrick Perkins is dunked on again, this time courtesy of Dwyane Wade. Sorry, Perk.

MJ’s total brutalization of the Knicks. Especially Ewing.

Teammate Scottie Pippen doing the same.

Tom Chambers high over Marc Jackson.

Kevin Johnson over Hakeem Olajuwon in ’94 Western Conference semifinals.

Another Vinsanity classic over ‘Zo, a little bit past his shot-blocking prime.

Nasty high school dunk.

“Send it in, Jerome!”

Kobe again, over rookie Dwight Howard.

This video is entitled ‘Derrick Rose bangin’. ‘Nuff said.

Finally, one of the best Euroleague dunks we’ve seen.


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  1. For ‘Nique

    What about Webber over Charles?

  2. how could jr smith not be on this list?

  3. This one’s gotta be one of the best of all time, especially since it’s college ball. GT vs. NC State game from a few years back.


  4. WTH! no John Starks!!!!!!!!!

  5. D Wade’s dunk on Verajao SHOULD be in the top 10…that one was NASTYY!!!


    This one because it mattered so much. Sent Michigan State to the national title game in 2009

  7. Lebron dunks over no name people, Kobe dunks over league MVP’s. See also: 2006 playoffs Kobe posterizes Steve Nash

  8. I love this Stromile Swift one…

  9. Can’t believe that Baron Davis’ ridiculous dunk over Kirilenko from the playoffs in 2007.

  10. OOOOOOH John Starks has to be on there for putting it down against the Bulls inthe playoffs.

  11. I think every dunk on the ‘also-rans’ list was better than the top ten!

  12. How can Shawne Kemp NOT makes this list? I must be older than your average fan

    • This. Oh, this. Where in heck is the Reign Man’s dunk over Alton Lister?
      That dunk singlehandedly made me a Supersonics fan.

  13. John Starks says:

    …and me!

  14. Nice list… a few I had never seen before.

    Made a list for my blog of the top 50 game dunks of all-time that I posted today, too. Some crossover, obviously, but worth checking out too.


  15. Dominique Wilkins says:

    Forgot about me?

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