All-Star Weekend in 2013 goes to Houston

Next year’s All-Star Weekend will be in Houston.

The NBA announced Wednesday that the Rockets and the city of Houston will host the 62nd All-Star Game on Feb. 17, 2013.

It marks the third time Houston has hosted the game. It first hosted in 1989 and again in 2006.

Beginning with 2006, the NBA has made a commitment to placing All-Star Weekend in supposed warm-weather sites such as Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc.

However, All-Star Weekend 2006 in Houston was marked by consistently overcast skies, rain and temperatures no higher than the 50s. In Dallas in 2010, the festivities were marred by an untimely ice storm.

Andre Iguodala was MVP of the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge but was denied the Slam Dunk Contest title the next day when Nate Robinson was given about 42 tries to complete his final dunk. Afterward, Iguodala said he would never participate again.

There were no complaints about the last game in Hosuton, however. The 2006 contest saw LeBron James score 29 points and become the youngest All-Star MVP ever as the East climbed out of 21-point hole in the third quarter for a 122-120 win over the West.




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