Nets arena construction on schedule in Brooklyn

An arena grows in Brooklyn, as you can see in the photo below. The Nets released it this morning, announcing that construction is on schedule and the Barclays Center is scheduled to open Sept. 28.

Of course, there is no word yet on whether Dwight Howard and Deron Williams will be playing together in Brooklyn next season. The Nets remain the prohibitive favorites to land both, unless the Dallas Mavericks can trade away Shawn Marion’s two remaining years for an expiring contract, which would give them the cap space to go after two max-salary unrestricted free agents — a subplot to the Dwight Drama that I mentioned in Sunday’s Power Rankings, as well as the previous week’s Power Rankings.

But Williams certainly showed last night what he can do in the confines of New York’s five boroughs, outplaying Jeremy Lin in a vengeance game at Madison Square Garden.


  1. mopo says

    The only thing I have heard Deron, himself, say is that he loves the nets organization and wants to resign.
    Where does this Dallas stuff come from?

    There were a bunch of teams that had the space and made sense for LeBron to go to and he didn’t go with any of the rumored destinations. You guys (writers) are 90% bullcorn.


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