The decline of the Celtics and Lakers; The rise of the Spurs; The trade deadline

ORLANDO — We shot this video at the NBA Jam Session at the Orlando Convention Center, the first Jam Session I have spent extensive time at since 1994 when the game was in Minnesota and I saw Gheorghe Muresan walking around the Metrodome like a kid in a candy store.

The opening and closing topics here were somewhat related: The first question was what was biggest surprise of the first half of the season, and I went with the decline of the Celtics and the struggles of the Lakers. The last question concerned what I was most looking forward to, and I’d have to say the smart money is on Los Angeles taking out the dynamite to a greater degree than the Celtics. A question for viewers and readers: Who would bring back more in a trade: Pau Gasol or Rajon Rondo? Something to think about as the March 15 trade deadline arrives.

Also, host Noah Coslov and I spoke a little about the Spurs.

There were 8 million people in central Florida this weekend for All-Star Weekend and the Daytona 500, and I believe Noah and I were the only ones who had that conversation. Keep an eye on those guys over the next couple of weeks. They just went 8-1 on a nine-game road trip, and they are 13-1 at home — where they’ll play their next seven.


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