Scouting Take: Zack Rosen

With the recent success of Jeremy Lin at point guard position in New York, NBA owners have pressed their scouts to search the Ivy League for the next edition of Linsanity.

Rumor has it there’s a pretty good guard in the Ivy League. His name is Zack Rosen.

There’s no reason to believe that Rosen can redefine a franchise, but the kid is a quarterback. Heck, Jay Fiedler called the shots for the Miami Dolphins.

The idea is to manage expectations, but I like this kid and it started last year.

I walked into Draddy Gymnasium last year for Manhattan-Penn and I was sucked in by Rosen’s ability to control pace and use his strength to fight through great pressure. He opened my eyes. As I looked in the program, I realized Penn’s point guard is a tough kid from St. Benedict’s in New Jersey. He’s Danny Hurley 2.0 – minus the mountain of legacy and pressure on his shoulders.

From what I’ve gathered this year, Rosen is fearless. He can stretch defenses with a quick release. Thanks to Lin’s success – much like Jared Jordan garnered when Steve Nash was winning MVPs – Rosen may ride the wave of Ivy talent if he showcases himself well at the Portsmouth Invitational, where he can really prove his worth.

Dalen Cuff played for Columbia and he studies the conference now. We agree on the following when talking about Rosen…


– Fearless competitor, takes and makes big shots consistently, never shies away

– Great leader by example and vocal when necessary

– Has really improved his 3-point consistency and range to NBA distance

– Deadly going left, to get to the rim or pull up on a dime

– True PG in every sense of the phrase


— Not sure how strong he is to keep guys out of the lane and if he will be able to be active on glass at all

– Ability to finish at the rim at the next level

Tommy Dee is the founder of TheKnicksBlog, editor of CHARGED Magazine and is a regional scout for Marty Blake and Associates. If you want to hang and talk hoops, meet him at the Portsmouth Invitational but leave your calculator at home.


  1. Ken says

    Hey Tom, If it is about college stats, lots of guys who are now working as security guards should be playing in the NBA. Jeremy has the size, speed and intangibles Rosen does not possess. Zack’s game certainly suited the Ivies, perhaps better than Lin’s. I think it is still a long shot for him to make it. If he does get drafted, racial bias will be on full display. He would be part of a long line of marginal white guys to pick up NBA paychecks.

  2. Max says

    Being part of the Red and Blue Crew, and knowing him personally, Zack is a true professional and deserves his shot in the NBA. The spurs and clippers have been most aggressively scouting him

  3. Tom says

    Zack’ overall play and stats are far more impressive than Jeremy Lin. He also has won many more awards and accomplishments than. Lin.

    • Chris says

      I agree, having watched Both Rosen and Lin play in the Ivy League, Rosen in college has been much better than Lin was


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