Sheridan likes Kaman to Pacers, Crawford to Grizzlies or Wolves; Hinrich to Lakers

Almost all of the trade deadline attention is focused on Orlando, where the Magic have to figure out what they are going to do with Dwight Howard.

D-12 is the top domino, and there could be a lot of residual movement if he is traded before next Thursday’s deadline.

But there are also other trades being discussed that have absolutely nothing to do with the Magic; trades that would take second-echelon teams to the next level.

Chris Sheridan, editor-in-chief of, sees three possibilities: Chris Kaman from the New Orleans Hornets to the Indiana Pacers; Jamal Crawford from Portland to Minnesota or Memphis, and Kirk Hinrich from Atlanta to the Los Angeles Lakers.

In an interview with Tara Petrolino of CineSport, Sheridan discusses those possibilities and the overall trade picture with one week remaining before the deadline, along with a lookahead to this weekend’s best games, and a discussion of whether Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony can ever thrive together with the New York Knicks.


  1. Charlie X says

    I wish the Pacers would just get an official offer on the table for Kaman and get it over with. The fit is so obvious with the cap space they have.


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