The Bernucca List – Edition 15


Edition 14 of The Bernucca List was first answered correctly by Doug, whose response was “active players who have led the league in personal fouls.”

This week’s list can be found below. The idea is to figure out the common denominators among each player on the list.

First correct answer gets a pop in next week’s list. As always, submit your answers via the comments or send me a Tweet.

The Bernucca List

Carlos Boozer
Marc Gasol
Manu Ginobili
Rashard Lewis
Mehmet Okur
Michael Redd
Mo Williams


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  1. 2nd round picks that have been all stars who have all played in the Western Conference

  2. 2nd round picks to become all stars

  3. Charles Barkley says:

    Active 2nd rounders who have made the All Star game.

  4. Brendan Hoover says:

    Current players who were 2nd round picks and have played in at least one all star game.

    • Chris Bernucca says:

      We have a winner. Less than 10 minutes. Does your boss know you’re not working?
      Just kidding. Nice job.


  1. [...] week’s winner was Brendan Hoover, who correctly identified The Bernucca List as “active second-round picks who have made an All-Star [...]

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