Phil Jackson heading to Europe before considering Knicks

The New York Knicks have now clobbered two opponents since Mike D’Antoni was fired resigned from his job, which makes it a cinch that Mike Woodson will not only be Coach of the Year but will be given a five-year, $25 million extension by Jim Dolan (pardon the hyperbole).

In actuality, the Knicks (Dolan) are going to have t decide whether or not to make a serious run at Phil Jackson, who is spending a year (at least) in retirement and is more interested in getting his body ready for his planned bicycle tour of Europe this summer than he is in following the trials and tribulations of the Knicks.

Mark Heisler wrote about the whole Jackson-to-Knicks possibility on the site yesterday.

I spoke about Jackson, Woodson and D’Antoni, and several non-Knick matters, too, in this chat with CineSport’s Noah Coslov. Click the play button, and you’ll hear what I thought was the most surprising trade made at the deadline.



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