Tweet of the Day: Roy Hibbert

Great comeback win for us tonight. Showed our resolve. We have to continue to get better. The wiz are a good team now seriously.
Roy Hibbert

Ignoring the positive words Hibbert claimed of his team, the real words of acknowledgment here are that of the Wizards. Hibbert says the Wizards “are a good team now, seriously”, which is a statement I feel a bit uneasy about. Why the Wizards were so bad at the beginning of the season still baffles me a bit. John Wall is a franchise point guard, Nick Young seemed to underachieve yet produce, and Javale Mcgee had his moments. Therefore, when they shipped Mcgee and Young and received Nene, I considered them to be better, yet unspectacular. Listen, I’m not an advocate of the Wizards, and I really don’t follow them quite much. But I’m curious, are the Wizards considerably better now with Nene, or about the same? Is this a team on the rise, or just trying to find it’s identity?


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  1. They still stink. If Deron didnt get ejected they would have lost to New Jersey 2 nights ago.


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