“The Picker” comes with his own motto now

"Always buy the extra half-point"

“Always buy the extra half-point.”

“The Picker” says that a lot in our communications, and in the comments sections of his pick posts. It is standard operating procedure for him, and it made a difference in one of his picks last night.

Wes Mathews hot a meaningless 3-pointer at the buzzer last night in Portland, meaningless only to those who did not have action on the game. It made the final score 97-94 in favor of Dallas, causing one of the picks from”The Picker” to turn from a win to a push.

The Picker also had Miami -9 (first half) against the Bobcats, the Bucks -5 against Detroit, and Atlanta on the money line (1.85 to 1) against Orlando — all of which were winners.

His loser was the Bucks-Pistons under 202.

This 3-1-1 night brings his 10-day record to 14-8-2.

If you bought the extra half-point (usually costs 10 percent), that record shifts to 16-8.

Here is a link to the odds on tonight’s games.

Tonight, “The Picker” likes Oklahoma City -6 1/2 (first half) at Minnesota, and the Bucks on the money line (-150) at home against Indiana.

As always, a word of caution: Do what you want with his information, but understand that we do not condone or endorse illegal gambling. For those of you in Nevada and outside of the United State, different standards apply.



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