“The Picker” reveals his location and makes one pick after a bad night

"Always buy the extra half-point"

I know the location of “The Picker,” and I was going to keep it a secret until he e-mailed me this morning to explain his 0-2 Saturday night.

“The Picker” liked the Thunder laying nine points in the first half against the Timberwolves, and he also liked the Milwaukee Bucks on the money line against Indiana. Both selections were losers, dropping “The Picker” to a record of 14-10-2 (although he will be the first to argue that if you follow his motto — “Always but the extra half-point” — his record jumps to 16-10.)

“Well, after watching Thunder warm up, I knew I was in trouble. Not one of their top three players took a serious shot in warmups. Bucks was just a dumb pick, it happens,” he said.

Yes, “The Picker” was in attendance at the Target Center to see Kevin Durant in person for the first time. He is from Minnesota, which means it has been a long, long time since he has seen the home team win a basketball game in the month of April.

I do not know with whom “the Picker” places his wagers, nor do I care to know.

All I know is that the guy hits more than he misses, which is why he is making picks on this site. As always, we must warn you that we do not condone or endorse illegal gambling, but a different standard applies for folks in Nevada and outside of the United States.

Today, the Picker is making only one pick: Miami on the money line against New York. A $1 bet brings back $1.70 if the Heat win (they are 3-point favorites).

For the spreads on all of today’s games, including which lines have moved, click here.


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