The Bernucca List – Edition 24

Last week’s edition of The Bernucca List had been posted for less than an hour before reader Randy – who isn’t necessarily a randy reader – provided the correct answer.

Randy’s response was “Players who wear 0 and whose teams made the playoffs this year.” Nice job.

This week, we have a list of coaches rather than players. However, our postseason theme continues.

If you think you know the common threads among these men, send me a Tweet or post it in the Comments section. As always, the person with the first correct answer gets a shout-out next week.

The Bernucca List

Rick Adelman
Gregg Popovich
Doc Rivers
Byron Scott
Stan Van Gundy



  1. Jake Whitacre says

    All five coaches have reached the NBA Finals more than once (even though SVG wasn’t coaching the Heat when they went to the 2006 NBA Finals).


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