The Bernucca List – Edition 25


We didn’t think last week’s edition of The Bernucca List was a stumper, but apparently it was, because no one came up with the right answer.

Before we give the answer and move onto this week’s list, we will give everyone another chance. So click here and don’t read any further.

Give up?

The list is “active coaches who have lost a Game 7 at home.” Boston’s Doc Rivers actually has lost twice in a Game 7 at home – in 2005 to Indiana and in 2009 to Orlando.

Onto this week’s list. You have to determine what these players have in common. If you think you know the answer, post it in the Comments section or Tweet it to me. First correct answer gets a shout-out next week.

The Bernucca List

Carmelo Anthony
Tyson Chandler
DeMarcus Cousins
Blake Griffin
Kendrick Perkins
Josh Smith
Russell Westbrook
Deron Williams


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  1. calling all toasters says:

    to be more specific, the top 8 in technicals in 2011-12

  2. League Leaders in technical fouls

    • A winner. They were the leaders. They were also the only guys called for 10-plus techs. Nice job.


  1. [...] Reader Zach was the first with the correct answer to last week’s edition of The Bernucca List. [...]

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