Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando, and Nets or Knicks could get him

I’ve already told you in no uncertain terms that Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando, and yesterday we took the story to it’s next logical place.

Where will Howard end up?

The first thing you need to realize is that his destination wish list has grown, because he wants a complete divorce from the Magic –more so than he did back at the trading deadline in March, when the threat of a trade (to the Lakers, Rockets, Warriors, depending on who you want to believe) forced Howard to opt-in for the final year of his contract.

I know a source close to Howard, and I am told that he harbors a lot of resentment toward the Magic for forcing his hand the way they did on deadline day. (I discussed that resentment with Brian Fritz and Mike Bianchi this morning on 740 The Game in Orlando. Click to listen.)

Even if the Magic tell him he can have a say in choosing the new coach and general manager after Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith were let go Monday, it won’t matter.

He wants out.

So as I pointed out Monday in breaking the story, a key piece of the whole Howard puzzle becomes Hedo Turkoglu, who is owed $23.6 over the next two seasons and whose contract the Magic would want to shed (although there is a school of thought, one league executive told me today, that the Magic would also be open to packaging Glen Davis with Howard in a trade and keeping Turkoglu, whose contract is only guaranteed for $6 million in 2013-14.)

But if Orlando’s next general manager decides he must trade Turkoglu, not Davis, along with Howard, the list of teams that could make that happen shrinks considerably since you are talking about taking on almost $31 million worth of combined salary for next season.

But two teams that could make the trade work are the Brooklyn Nets (which remain Howard’s favored destination) and the New York Knicks. But it would be tricky in the first instance; costly in the second.

Let’s look first at the Nets.

Technically, they have only four players Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, Marshon Brooks and Jordan Williams) under contract for next season, although Gerald Wallace and Jordan Farmar have player options that will impact the Nets’ flexibility. As far as assets the Nets could throw into a trade, they have Houston’s lottery-protected first-round draft pick in 2013, plus their own 2012 pick if they strike gold in the lottery next week and land in the top three. (If not, the pick goes to Portland as payment for the trade deadline deal that landed them Wallace.)

So if the Nets win the lottery (the top three teams are determined by random draw), they’d have the potential to do a sign-and-trade deal after July 1 in which they’d offer a top three pick in this year’s draft, Houston’s pick, and some combination (perhaps through a three-team trade) of Kris Humphries, Wallace, $3 million of Mikhail Prokhorov’s money plus whatever other assets (Brook Lopez?) plus future No. 1 picks of their own that they could be enticed to include.

Brooklyn would do that deal, then re-sign Deron Williams (who said today he is unsure about his future) and have a nucleus of Howard, Williams, Brooks and Morrow, and once they went over the cap they’ have a $2.5 million exception to use in filling out the roster.

But my source warned me that the Howard sweepstakes is definitely not going to be a one-team race, which brings us to the Knicks.

They have the means to take back Turkoglu along with Howard is they are willing to part with two members of their front line — Tyson Chandler, plus Amare Stoudemire or Carmelo Anthony.

If you are the Magic, you insist on ‘Melo, not wanting any part of Stoudemire’s uninsured contract. But if you are the Knicks (which means if you are Jim Dolan), you insist on keeping Anthony because of the price you paid for him and because of the scoring prowess he displayed in Games 3, 4 and 5 of the Knicks-Heat first-round playoff series. You tell whoever the Magic’s next GM is that he can have $3 million of Dolan’s cash instead.

If New York could make that deal, they’d have a nucleus of Howard, Anthony, Iman Shumpert, Landry Fields, and whoever they decided to use their mid-level exception on (the debate in this site has been the hypothetical choice of Steve Nash vs. Jeremy Lin). They’d have a sinkhole at the power forward spot, and they’d probably lose J.R. Smith as a free agent (he has a $2.5 million player option), and they’d have Turkoglu coming off the bench.

If Orlando decides to ride out the Turkoglu contract and try to get one stud in return for Howard, there will be no shortage of suitors. Mark Heisler doesn’t think the Lakers are going to trade Andrew Bynum, and even though there was substance to the school of thought that Howard did not want to go to the Lakers because he doesn’t want to be seen as a second Shaq (not to mention being the second-biggest superstar on the team), my source says either the Lakers or Clippers would be a more desirable landing zone than returning to Orlando — that’s how much Howard wants out.

Dallas is on Howard’s list, too, which bears mentioning. The Mavs have Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion and Brendan Haywood under contract for next season, taking up $37 million of cap room. But Haywood could be amnestied and Marion could be dumped, which would at least give Dallas a chance to be creative in trying to clear enough space to absorb Turkoglu and Howard.

Also meriting a mention are the Atlanta Hawks, who have an All-Star caliber center in Al Horford and an athletic freak who has wanted out for the past two years, Josh Smith. They could be a player if the Magic insist on packaging Howard and Turkoglu.



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  3. Angel says

    I wrote an article a few months back about the possible trade Dwight Howard to NY for Amar’e Stoudemire urging against the trade. Now after all this, D’Antoni resigning, going 18-6, the downfall of Linsanity, and getting killed in the playoffs, I’m sorry but STAT will just have to go play for his hometown Magic and I love Tyson Chandler, but Dwight is scoring and defensive beast. The Knicks would be foolish not to consider this and allow the Nets to gain the upper hand in New York or the Lakers to once again be the power in the NBA.
    I also heard of the insane possibility of the Lakers willing to trade Kobe Bryant as part of their re-building to get younger…. Kobe for Melo? Has anyone heard this…?

  4. Johne says

    A source close to Williams said he would be interested in joining the Lakers, there is no doubt in my mind the Lakers can acquire him. They got Chris Paul before Fidel Stern decided to step in, I wonder then how quickly Howard will go running to management begging them to convince the Lakers to give up Bynum so he can join the Lakers.

    • Katelyn Faber says

      Johne, please stop doing drugs. This is not NBA2K12 on PlayStation3.

      The Lakers DO NOT have the assets to acquire D-Will. Additionally, they DID NOT have the assets to acquire CP3. There is something called “matching salaries” when you make a trade in the NBA. The salaries from both sides have to match up within a certain percentile. You cannot just push a button on your Xbox controller and make fantasy trades.

      The Lakers trying to acquire Chris Paul was a publicity stunt by the organization. They knew they had no chance of getting CP3. Dell Demps even said himself that there was never a deal in place. The deal was never finalized.

      In fact, here’s the link with quotes directy from Dell Demps:

      I understand that you’re emotionally scarred from what you feel was an unjustifiable move by “Fidel Stern”.

      But what you must understand, is that your opinion is quite naive and misinformed.

      At this point, there’s a better chance Dwight Howard goes to the Clippers than the Lakers.

      I cannot wait to read your comments once that happens.

  5. Your 3rd Grade English Teacher says

    The translation of passages like this could take up another article:
    “They have the means to take back Turkoglu along with Howard is they are willing to part with two members of their front line — Tyson Chandler, plus Amare Stoudemire or Carmelo Anthony.”

  6. Joel says

    Here goes the horrible media reporting some other bull story because they have nothing else to talk about. Let D12 live, the guy is recovering from back surgery the last thing on his mind his all these rumors websites like these are spreading. Dwight will stay but lets hope we get Brian Shaw in as coach down here in Orlando make players wanna come play for him.

  7. Ryan says

    The reason Shaq/Amar’e worked so well was because Shaq was a threat as a post-up big. Chandler is not, and that has limited Stoudemire’s space. STAT and Melo are a separate issue, IMO, but I think that Amar’e could thrive with Dwight (as much as his health allows him to, anyway).

    I would give up Melo in this scenario, despite not being a fan of trading him.

    • Angel says

      To trade Carmelo Anthony would be without a doubt the worst blundering disaster the Knicks brass can cause. Lets forget the circus hoopla it took to get Anthony into a Knicks jersey, how about the dissention between Anthony and Mike D’Antoni which resulted into his resignation. Not to mention that Stoudemire, (although beloved by Knick fans and by me) is not a good rebounder, is very injury prone and fragile. Does not really play defense except for te occassional blocked shot that alot of times gets called for Goal Tending.

      The Knicks need a Point Guard thats the biggest thing right now. Should be the focus, whether they gauge the interest of Steve Nash (who already has been reported not interested in going to the Knicks despite STAT’s campaigning for it) or go young with Raymond Felton or something. I don’t feel comfortable trading an established leader like Tyson Chandler for a guy who conducts himself the way he has last season. By far much worst than how Anthony acted in Denver prior to his trade to NY.

      • Telcontar says

        Here’s a possibility for Knicks-
        Trade Amare and Tyson Chandler for Dwight. Also, trade Melo for D-Will.
        By doing this, they get an excellent 1-2 punch at the two most important positions of players truly interested in playing along each other.

        • Angel says

          Im sorry but thats a horrible idea. Under any circumstance should the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony AND Amar’e Stoudemire. You eliminate the true strength of this team by eliminating the top 2 swing men in the league. In any case where I would sign off on that if I were the GM is if you are trading Melo for superstar 2 Guard. Either Dwayne Wade (not gonna happen) or Kobe Bryant (I have heard some non sense about that idea). This isn’t Mike D’Antoni’s system anymore that requires an elite Point Guard. Mike Woodson only requires a serviceable average to above average Point Guard who can facilitate and distribute and command the floor. Although I am not a Linsanity mark, Jeremy Lin is still ok to keep and manage the offense. I would not object to Steve Nash or a Raymond Felton but trading Anthony for D-Will is NOT an idea I wannt go into. Especially when the team was not willing to execute that very trade resulting in the resignation of Mike D’Antoni. Obviously Grunwald, Houston and Dolan have a much bigger plan that doesn’t involve any of the elite superstar Point Guards in the NBA.
          Exhibit A: They signed Tyson Chandler to that huge 3 year deal when they could have been looking at the possibility of getting Chris Paul. Yes they didnt have the assets but a 3rd or 4th could have been included that would have been more beneficial than the deal the Hornets got in the trade to the Clippers.

  8. rob says

    once again i have to debunk this bull on this website. dwight howard HAS NOT decided on anything, and the very fact you guys yesterday cited the lakers tipped me off that your sources are whack.

    DWIGHT HAS ZERO DESIRE TO JOIN THE LAKERS. NONE. Brooklyn is only a possibility if they get a top 3 pick.

    its disgusting this website and others think shoe people and agency sources have any idea whats going on, it’s pretty easy to post this crap for website hits without having to back anything up

    • eLone says

      While I agree he doesn’t want to be a part of the Lakers, why would Brooklyn have to get a Top 3 pick in order to acquire Howard? If he still only wants to go to Brooklyn, then who is going to give up more then them? Magic had their chance to get this year’s pick at the deadline but instead tried to force Dwight to stay on one more year. It’s all backfired, they’ll be luck to get what they can out of Brooklyn.

      • Serge says

        If they don’t have that pick plenty of teams. Some teams are willing to rent him like the Rockets. If Dwight did want to go to the Lakers they would trade Bynum. But he won’t go there. So Lakers won’t trade Bynum.

  9. says

    Hasn’t anything taught us this whole, dump 99% of your roster to get a “superstar”, really doesn’t work? The Magic will get a nice return and will be a better team without this sad excuse of a human being, he’s nothing more than a diva… Dwight Howard has to be the most hated player in the NBA, somewhere Lebron is saying thank you jesus!

    • Serge says

      Clearly you know nothing by saying he is 1 of the most hated players in the NBA. He is 1 of the most liked people in the NBA. Now sure after all this he won’t be as liked, but he is still a great guy. I met Dwight Howard before a few times actually. And not only is he probably the nicest NBA or pro athlete I ever met. But he is the nicest super start I ever met. Same thing for Arenas also despite everything is mad nice to fans. But back to Dwight Howard people need to stop hating. Yes he should have been more like CP3 with his trade demand, but he is still a good dude just wants out. He should have just went about it in a different way. As for Lebron he also earned his RIGHT to leave.

      • Angel says

        They both earned their rights to leave, but these are the same superstars that spent the first 6-7 years of their careers showing people how likeable and how marketable they are so people would buy their merchandise, jerseys and shoes. Excuse me, but like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard although I personally do not hate them (yes I have forgiven LeBron finally) they are the most hated. Dwight is worst because its new and now all these stories are popping out to paint the image of D12 to be an indecisive, disloyal and uncommitted spoiled superstar primadonna. Thats the public perception of him now and given how fans endured the lock out, and then the trade request, to the dont trade me, to fire Stan, to no I aint say that, to finally extending to getting injured and now he regrets extending he has turned this into a circus and if he is hated then he deserves it, just as LeBron did after the decision, and just as any and all superstars after him who conducts themselves this way with disrespect to the city and fans who support them and to the team who pay them.

  10. Jim says

    I think as far as assets to give back the Bulls make the most sense. Deng, Noah, and Taj and the pick the Bulls own from the Bobcats that they will receive sometime in the next 3 years is better and more realistic than any other package back they would get. No one is paying Amare $64 million over 3 years, the Rockets don’t have valuable enough assets to give back, the Nets no longer have that pick to give up (probably won’t), and Lopez is coming off multiple injuries. It is a superstar league, and trading 3 solid but not superstar players is worth it for the Bulls, they just have to convince Howard that Chicago is a good long term fit for him.

    • eLone says

      If he doesn’t want to play for Chicago, they won’t trade away pieces for him. Same as last year, nothing has changed.

      • Serge says

        Your 100% right. Teams like Lakers/Bulls won’t trade for Dwight unless he says he will sign with them and stay.

  11. Serge says

    I don’t get why the Clippers would not be his top choice? Playing with the BEST PG in the league in CP3 and the best PF in the game how does it get any better? Lakers I get it has to play 2nd to Kobe. And follow Shaq. But Clippers they can have a dynasty, and will always be remembered since Clippers have no titles. Has no pressure to live up to. He get’s the market, and the industry with LA. The weather is great. I don’t see how NY is better then LA?

    • Telcontar says

      So if the Clippers keep Paul and Blake, who exactly do they trade for Howard ?
      Oh, and newsflash! Kevin Love is the best PF in the game. Griffin is an athletic guy who puts up monster jams and…. 0h wait, that’s it!

      • Serge says

        (Telcontar) News flash they won’t get jack for him to begin with. Who in there right mind will trade anything BIG for Dwight when they can sign him as a free agent? Dallas has NOTHING to trade what so ever 1 place he said he would go. Lakers he does not seem to want to go to. So even though Lakers would trade Bynum for him if they new Dwight would commit there is NO CHANCE they would make that move if Dwight does not sign to stay. Bynum is the best thing Magic can get I would do that in a 2nd if I was the Magic. But Lakers won’t since he won’t want to stay. Now with the Nets if they don’t get the top pick in the draft B Lopez is all your getting that is really worth it. Deep draft, but Anthony Davis is a beast everyone else you don’t know. Knicks will NOT trade Melo. Getting a older Chandler, and a Amare is injury prone. I would go with a young rebuilding package. I don’t see any way the Knicks will get him with out trading Melo. And they won’t trade Melo. Now let’s say Nets fall out of top 3 don’t get #1 pick, and Lakers don’t get Dwight to say he will trade so they are not going to trade Bynum = VERY little options for the Magic. This is where the Clippers come in. They got 2 young building blocks. They can trade DJ who is super young, and still got a ton of potential. That will replace the rebounding, and shot block some what. Eric Bledsoe has shown a good he can be in the playoffs, and last year I seen him play I have Clippers season tickets I seen what he can do, and all the potential he has. Then you can package those 2 with maybe something along side Mo Williams, Butler, and a future first. (The older guys you can flip to a 3rd team get draft picks/young guys) to go with DJ + EB if your the Magic. Only offers that tops that will be Bynum, or Lopez + Anthony Davis clearly + there future firsts. So again assuming Dwight won’t resign with the Lakers, and Nets don’t get the #1 pick Clippers is your best option. You forget that the star controls where they end up. Melo said ONLY Knicks that is where he went. If Nets is not a option I believe Dwight would go to the Clippers over anyone else including the Lakers. Dallas has NOTHING to trade so they can only sign him if he hit free agency. So the options are limited.

        • Serge says

          Sorry I know Nets are his first choice. But Dallas seems like his 2nd choice. And I re read what I said lol half does not make sense. (Sorry tired, and forgot to re read what I wrote.) But I am sure you get what I was trying to say.

        • Jim says

          I agree with most of what you say Serge, especially that Dallas, the Lakers, and NJ don’t have enough to give him. I also agree that the Clippers should make a run, but I still don’t think Jordan and Bledsoe are enough for Howard for a few reasons. One, any team trading for Howard will also have to take Hedo as well. The salaries just won’t match up, even if Mo Williams is thrown in. Not only do deals have to make sense as far as talent getting back, but salaries have to match. I still say of trade packages that both match salary and give back quality talent the Bulls have the best package to offer. But Howard does not want to share glory/play 2nd fiddle to Rose who is loved in Chicago more than MJ was (not saying people in Chicago think he is better, but they do love him more).

          And even if he won’t sign an extension I think it is worth it for the Bulls. If the worst happens you clear cap space for after next year and rebuild around Rose with lots of $ to spend, especially if they amnesty Boozer after next year if this trade where to happen and then Howard left. Bulls could have their pick of any FA, even restricted FAs, they could offer guys like Harden, Ibaka, Paul George, or Stephen Curry crazy deals knowing there would be no way the teams they are on can match.

          • Serge says

            Well Dallas has NOTHING to trade period. Lakers do have stuff to trade, but they won’t do that unless Dwight would want to go there. Nets do have Lopez, and if they land Anthony Davis or even the 2nd or 3rd pick they can get Dwight. Clippers should make a run at him it would take Lakers not trading Bynum since Dwight won’t sign there that is the easy part. BUT then the Nets would have to not get a top 3 pick in the lottery or at least not get the #1 pick in Anthony Davis then I say no team can really give them a lot anyway and Clippers would have a chance. Taking back Hedo would be the problem there owner is so cheap. I know the salaries have to not match, but be close. I know all about that. Here is 1 trade I tried.


            They would not let me put Mo Williams in a trade. But take Gomes expiring out & add Mo Williams with Butler, DJ, and EB. Gomes/Mo are 4.5 mill apart, but I think possible. We also have the trade exceptions. It’s possible just would be VERY hard to pull of. That is a lot of talent DJ + EB you build around got a starting PG + C. Butler + Mo Williams are starters you can then flip for younger talent/draft picks. Also Clippers can send a future first round pick. It all depends of course on Dwight clearly saying NO to the Lakers so they don’t trade Bynum that is there best option. AND Nets not getting Anthony Davis better yet the top 3 pick. Then Magic have VERY little options.

            Bulls WON’T do the deal unless they know Dwight will stay. They do not want to give up all there assets and young talent for a 1 year rental. Also just because they can offer deals if that happened he walked and Boozer got amnesty cut does not mean they should. That would put them in a bad spot, and those guys won’t even put them over the top. Curry does not go with Rose. ect………

    • Max says

      Ummmmm maybe because New York is a better city than LA. LA is the number 2/3 most popular city in addition to Chicago, but it does not have the prestige and grandeur of New York. New York fans are also more loyal than LA fans, well at least Lakers fans. LA is also smog central and doesn’t even get sun until 1 in the afternoon. Need more?

      • Blahblah says

        Actually LA is a massive area with huge diversity. In west LA we get sun all day, so I don’t know where you get your facts from. It’s actually one of the best places in the world to live: five minutes from the beach, five minutes to Hollywood, next to bel air and Beverly hills, it doesn’t get any better, really. And if he played in LA he would probably live on the west side next to celebrities and sports stars. Tell me Dwight wouldn’t want that. He’s a natural fit for LA, personality-wise.

        • Angel says

          As someone who is a New York City native and lived in LA for years, I am just gonna say that all of that is great, and I agree he would be a great fit for LA, but the fact is, the media world is centered around the Big Apple. Its just fact. Yes LA has Hollywood, the great weather, beaches, the women… but New York has Broadway, the Garden, the media coverage, the trend setting atmosphere. Its comparable but its not New York. Los Angeles has the bigger population, the space and weather, but New York is New York. Besides, Melo came to New York in May and was on an episode of SVU within a month or 2. New York City is capital of the world and for anyone who wants to establish a world wide brand that is not shadowed by Kobe Bryant, his choice would be New York. He only has to compete with Derek Jeter, Eli Manning, Tim Tebow, maybe Carmelo Anthony in terms of establishing a world wide brand in basketball.

    • Jim says

      Again, I agree with you for the most part Serge. Especially that Bulls Management wouldn’t do it without a commitment. But with Rose out next year I feel it is worth the risk long term. Maybe playing a year in Chicago changes Howard’s mind? Also, as a Chicago resident and Bulls fan, the way the Bulls are currently constructed they do not have enough to win a title. They have too many below the rim players who cannot get their own shot, and too many players who offensively disappear at times. They are a great regular season team because Coach Thibs will always have his team ready to play and will demand maximum effort every night, but come playoff team when teams match their intensity they will always struggle. It is a lot of fun winning 55-60 regular season games, but it means nothing without Championships. Howard is worth the risk in my opinion for the Bulls.

  12. DH says

    If you are Orlando you ask for Chandler and Amare. Dwight will wish he never left Orlando. Carmelo is a great scorer but he holds onto the ball forever. Pick and roll is not his game because he isn’t a distributor. Dwight won’t hustle for 20 odd rebounds knowing no plays run for him. Melo is not a great player, he’s a tremndous scorer. He needed someone like Chauncey to teach him how to win. without a guy ;ike that he’ll give you 50 while taking 35-40 shots at best. Howard needs toucheds he’ll go ballistic playing with Melo. Amare already is and he doesn’t need the ball as much as Howard.

    • Telcontar says

      Actually, the best way to run a Melo Dwight combo is to drop the ball to Howard down low for the first 3 quarters with Melo getting 2 or 3 touches a quarter and then going isolation with Melo in the 4th.
      Plus, Knicks have excellent 3 shooter who could feed of Howard double teams. Add to that, Lin or Nash and that’s dangerous. Plus if they sign Lin, he would be an excellent trade piece for someone else who might fit in better.

      • Ahmong says

        They tried that with Lin handling the ball for most of the game and handing it to Melo in the 4th. Didn’t work out as planned. It was that stretch where Melo wasn’t engaged at all. Melo only works best when HE has the ball nearly the whole game. Melo/Dwight combo is a bad idea.

        • Angel says

          Melo and Dwight can work. Definitely would work with a good PG. And without a doubt would work better than the STAT & MELO experiment. Floor spacing was the key problem with the Knicks making note that they are better without the other. D12 is a legitamite Center and will not be in the way of Melo’s shooting excellence and bully ball moves. With an average PF who knows his role as opposed to Amar’e Stoudemire being in his way, Melo can pull up a Jumper, drive the lane and kick out if necessary to Dwight who can dominate the middle. This would be a lethal combo. I just know Orlando would have to take a huge risk, and alot of sweetening of the deal for it to work, which could quite possibly involve Tyson Chandler and even Jeremy Lin.

    • eLone says

      Amare is the single most untradeable player in the entire league. Not a chance the Magic, with their new GM, screw up their entire future by trading for the worst contract in the NBA.

  13. Jon says

    How can the Nets offer a pick (assuming they get top 3 pick) in this years draft plus players who would be sign and trade candidates? The draft takes place before FA signings can begin. Are teams allowed to negotiate deals before July 1? I thought that was prohibited.

  14. Jimbo says

    Still bet he ends up in Brooklyn. The Nets are going to be so desperate to keep Deron Williams from walking away for nothing that they’ll go and give up everything they can. Besides, we all know that Dwight has to go: this last season was just a disaster. It helps both teams, with the Nets saving face and getting a superstar center (albeit an immature one) and the Magic dumping some atrocious contracts and ripping apart the team so they can tank the next few seasons and get nice lottery picks.


  1. […] Chris Sheridan of SheridanHoops.com reports the Knicks could be a real player in the Howard sweepstakes because of Orlando’s desire to include Hedo Turkoglu in any Howard trade. So as I pointed out Monday in breaking the story, a key piece of the whole Howard puzzle becomes Hedo Turkoglu, who is owed $23.6 over the next two seasons and whose contract the Magic would want to shed (although there is a school of thought, one league executive told me today, that the Magic would also be open to packaging Glen Davis with Howard in a trade and keeping Turkoglu, whose contract is only guaranteed for $6 million in 2013-14.) […]

  2. […] Chris Sheridan of SheridanHoops.com reports the Knicks could be a real player in the Howard sweepstakes because of Orlando’s desire to include Hedo Turkoglu in any Howard trade. So as I pointed out Monday in breaking the story, a key piece of the whole Howard puzzle becomes Hedo Turkoglu, who is owed $23.6 over the next two seasons and whose contract the Magic would want to shed (although there is a school of thought, one league executive told me today, that the Magic would also be open to packaging Glen Davis with Howard in a trade and keeping Turkoglu, whose contract is only guaranteed for $6 million in 2013-14.) […]

  3. […] I think if the Knicks wanted to get Dwight Howard, they’d be willing to offer ‘Melo and Chandler, but they’d want Glen Davis back instead of Turkoglu. And if I am Orlando, I want no part of Stoudemire’s uninsured contract and would demand Carmelo Anthony and Chandler. I wrote about this here:http://www.sheridanhoops.com/2012/05/23/dwight-howard-wants-out-of-orlando-and-nets-or-knicks-could-… […]

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