The Bernucca List – Edition 26


Reader Zach was the first with the correct answer to last week’s edition of The Bernucca List.

The list was “players called for 10 or more technical fouls this season.”

This week’s list is a pretty tough one, so we will provide a hint: It has to do with the playoffs.

Think you know the answer? Go ahead and post it in the Comments section or Tweet it to me. First correct answer gets a shout-out next week.

The Bernucca List

Carlos Boozer
Manu Ginobili
Richard Hamilton
Stephen Jackson
Reggie Miller
Dirk Nowitzki
Shaquille O’Neal
Chris Paul
Latrell Sprewell
Hedo Turkoglu


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  1. THATkrazGUY says:

    Players who lost their last playoff series but led the series in made FG.

  2. leading scorer of the lower seeded team that won the series

  3. Technologic says:

    Players who led their team in scoring in a road game 7 their team won since 2000

  4. Daniel Mainwaring says:

    Leading scorers for a playoff team who changed teams at least once in their career.

  5. leading scorers in a playoff series their team lost

    • Chris Bernucca says:

      You’re on the right track with leading scorers. Here’s another hint: Their team won.

  6. Current players who have worn a face mask in the playoffs.

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