SH Blog: Kevin Garnett does knuckle push-ups

Kevin Garnett does push-ups (via @Jose3030)

If there is one thing we know about Kevin Garnett, it’s that he becomes quite an animated character once his adrenalin starts to flow, and you’ll never quite know what to expect from the big man, whether it’s taunting players or talking about bar fights.

During Friday’s 101-91 victory against the Miami Heat in a critical Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals (Boxscore here), Garnett was dropped hard to the floor on a foul by Udonis Haslem. He appeared to be in some pain and rolled over to his stomach, only to do the following:

Unlike in Game 2, when he struggled and was unnecessarily called out by former teammate Wally Szczerbiak, Garnett was marvelous in Game 3 with 24 points on 10-of-16 shooting, 11 rebounds, one block and an unofficial seven knuckle push-ups. As Tom Haberstroh points out, his plus-minus in the playoffs is also mind-boggling.

When the game was over, he apparently had this to say in the locker room:

Here's a first: Celtics PR quote sheet from locker room included three KG 'F' bombs. "F---- jungle was rockin'...F---- loved it. F--- it."
Adrian Wojnarowski

You can love him or hate him, but The Big Ticket is truly one of a kind.

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