Metta World Peace presents: The Ron and Metta Show

If you have some time to kill, check out what Ron Artest, or Metta World Peace has been up to since being ousted by the Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals in the video below. It’s his very own show called “The Ron and Metta Show”, where he can’t decide who he wants to be, so he invites fans to his location and tells them to decide whether they wish to speak with Ron or Metta. It’s a little long, but you may find it entertaining, depending on what you find entertaining.

You can also find a random interview he does with “Mr. Lakers” in the video.

“The media… they portray me as unpredictable,” said World Peace when asked about how he feels the media portrays him. “Some portray me as crazy. Some portray me as, you know, a headcase. And some of the media, they’re so lazy. They don’t research, so they go back on stories they heard years ago.”

Some may, indeed, portray him as a headcase at times, but we’ll go with unpredictable on this one.

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