Tweet of the Night: Danny Green

If....only if....@ wuda hit a shot, mighta been a diff series...suppose to b a shooter n doesn't show up on the big stage smh
Danny Green

After suffering a season-ending loss to the Thunder in absolutely shocking fashion, Danny Green was on twitter having a word with himself  for completely disappearing in the biggest games of his career. He went from averaging 10.4 points on 50 percent shooting while playing a key role on the defensive end in the first eight games of the postseason, to averaging 3.3 points on 28.5 percent shooting in the Western Conference Finals. He was basically kicked out of the rotation in the final two games, adding to the disappointing end to what was a wildly successful season for him. Everyone in the NBA goes through struggles, though, and Green perhaps ran into a team that did not favor him match-up wise. Aside from this series, he has had a marvelous season and should hold his head up high for the accomplishments he achieved.

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