SH Blog: Wednesday’s news: Jim Rome is burned by David Stern

Today’s topic of discussion was largely centered around David Stern’s controversial comment towards Jim Rome for asking a question no one else dared to ask the commissioner, with good reason. You can find the story on that and much more in today’s news.

  • Jim Rome asked David Stern if the lottery was fixed. “No,” Stern replied. “Shame on you for asking”. Rome continued to push the topic and clearly fed up, Stern used a classic rhetorial device used by lawyers: “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” The exchange got increasingly heated from there, and Deadspin has the full discussion in audio.
  • LeBron James openly questioned Erik Spoelstra’s rotational tactics after Miami’s loss in Game 1, but owner Micky Arison used twitter to show that he has the coach’s back: “Question; Do u know which Coaches have lead there teams to back to back Finals in the last 25 yrs.”
  • Gregg Doyel on how a winning Dwyane Wade has become whining Wade: “But most of the time it was Wade who was the last player back, Wade who lagged behind on defense Tuesday night because he had flopped to the floor or worse, just stayed behind to stare down an official. These aren’t the 2006 NBA Finals, and Wade isn’t going to the foul line 16 times a game. Officials are onto Wade’s act.
  • Charles Barkley once called Dwyane Wade “Michael Jackson” and his supporting cast a bunch of “Tito Jacksons”. On The Dan Patrick Show, Barkley said the same thing, calling LeBron James Michael Jackson. Can you guess what that means for the rest of his team, including Wade?
  • How off is Dwyane Wade’s mid-range jump shot this postseason? Zach Lowe has the answer.
  • Apparently, it doesn’t take a lot to fire up Russell Westbrook, and Shane Battier gave him the jolt he needed in Game 1, according to Marc J. Spears: “That’s all I need every once in a while. I don’t know what he was thinking,” Westbrook said. “He was trying to punk me.”
  • Chris Bosh was not impressed with the noise level of the Thunder’s crowd, from Ben Golliver: “Everybody keeps talking about how loud it is,” Bosh said. “It’s regular. We’ve been in a lot of other arenas and it’s about the same. Once it gets really loud, it’s all about the same.”
  • Bosh also went on to say that Miami needs to change their offensive approach, written by Michael Wallace of ESPN: “We have to do a better job of executing our offense,” Bosh said. “Sometimes we have to attack the rim, because if you’re not making shots and you’re shooting jumper after jumper, (Oklahoma City) is getting out in the open court, and that’s what they do.”
  • John Calipari is the coach of the Dominican Republic national team, and he decided to cut Charlie Villanueva: “Charlie was not in good form when we saw him,” Calipari told Deportes en la Z. “He was overweight, and unfortunately, we could not slow down the entire team and it was a decision taken collectively.”
  • David Stern is unhappy with the players for flopping, but just fine with the officiating of the referees, according to Ken Berger: “Flopping almost doesn’t do it justice,” Stern said. “Trickery, deceit, designs to cause the game to be decided other than on its merits. We’ll be looking at that.” As for the overall state of the league’s officiating, Stern said, “The state of the referees is spectacular for human beings. What’s the next question?”
  • (via @Jose3030)

    Our Chris Bernucca reported that Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett was fined $25,000 by the NBA on Wednesday for not making himself available to the media following the team’s Game 7 loss at Miami on Saturday.

  • Garnett is still mum on his decision as a free agent, but here is what a source had to say, according to Steve Bulpett: “Kevin’s very loyal, and he hates change,” one source said. “But I think it’d be hard for him to come back if it’s a total rebuild. If he’s going to play, he has to be playing for something.”
  • The Knicks are looking to upgrade at shooting guard, and Ray Allen may have interest in joining, according to Jared Zwerling: “If the Celtics don’t pan out for Allen, Sports Illustrated’s NBA writer Chris Mannix was told that the Knicks and Heat are at the top of his list.”
  • Check out a parody of the song “Call me maybe”, called “Call Him KD“.
  • Dirk Nowitzki recently said that Kevin Durant is ahead of Nowitzki at the same age. Kelly Dwyer has the story: “So is Kevin Durant really ahead of Dirk Nowitzki, at the same age? Well … yeah. You’re watching something pretty special.”

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