Exclusive: Westbrook discusses Urban Geek Chic With SheridanHoops

If you’ve been paying attention to the 2012 NBA Playoffs, you’ve seen the perpetually questioned, never-ending wardrobe of fashionista Russell Westbrook.

And if you’ve been following them via Twitter, you know that each and every postgame presser for the Oklahoma City Thunder has turned into a ‘WHAT IN THE WORLD IS RUSSELL WESTBROOK WEARING,’ convention.

The ‘Urban Geek-Chic’ style has been an extraordinarily hot topic during these playoffs and was accentuated once again last night during both teams postgame press conferences, as teammates Westbrook, Durant, and James and Wade all wore glasses to the podium.

Today during media availability, in between questions about how his team has improved defensively and how Durant and he coexist, Westbrook answered a few questions about his wardrobe and about the glasses everyone wore last night.

Did Russell Westbrook start this whole trend?!

“I’ve been wearing glasses since I’ve been in the league. I think everybody else just started wearing them now… I ain’t saying nothing, but I’m just saying [laughs].”

Fittingly enough, his Miami Heat competition LeBron James has a different outlook on things.

“No, that’s not right,” stated James. “There’s no stories behind it. You know, it’s a look, it’s a fashion thing. But he absolutely didn’t start it.”

James didn’t stop there, though.

“I don’t know who started it, honestly,” he elaborated. “I think I’ve been wearing mine for about two years now, but I don’t know who started it. None of us started it. It could have started back in the 70’s or 80’s. I’m serious. I mean, fashion comes and goes.”

Regardless of who is right, all of these guys are having fun showing off their Urban Geek-Chic wardrobes. According to Westbrook, confidence is the key to success each and every time he puts on one of those Twitter-debate sparking shirts (here’s the unbelievably long Google search for you) or standout pants.

“Some stuff a lot of people can’t pull off, you know, because they’re worried about what other people say or it’s not their style,” stated a calm, cool and collected Russell Westbrook on Wednesday afternoon.

“I can wear anything in any color and feel confident.”

And just in case you were wondering, Westbrook has plenty more glasses up his sleeve for the rest of the series, and then some.

“Every color,” he said. “I just haven’t worn them yet. I got enough to end the year out.”

So for all of you wondering when Westbrook’s going to grow up and rock a normal shirt to the podium without those somewhat Urkel-reminiscent glasses, you might as well just sit back, laugh and enjoy the show.

At just 23 years old, it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Jeremy Bauman is a 2011 graduate of Indiana University and the newest writer for SheridanHoops.com. Follow him on Twitter.


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