Tweet of the Night: Stephen A. Smith

That's right Westbrook: TAKE OVER! He's the only one on OKC who really seems to want it. Everyone else is FOLDING!
Stephen A Smith

All the criticism of Russell Westbrook went dead silent as his performance in Game 4 was marveled even by the same man that said he saw the most horrible performance by a point guard he had ever witnessed just two games ago, for playing the exact same way. Westbrook was unstoppable on his way to 43 points on 20-of-32 shooting and kept his team in the game throughout when everyone else on the Thunder, James Harden in particular, seemed frozen at the magnitude of the moment.

Unfortunately and ultimately, Westbrook will be most remembered for committing a silly foul on Mario Chalmers, who grabbed the rebound on a jump-ball situation with 13.8 seconds left in the game. Miami had 4.2 seconds left on the shot clock, but Westbrook – clearly unaware of the situation – quickly grabbed Chalmers for the foul. Chalmers hit the free throws and effectively ended the game, turning a three-point lead into a five-point lead.

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