Nets looking at Big Three of D-Will, Dwight and Joe Johnson

The Nets remain very much in the hunt for Dwight Howard — even after agreeing to the outline of a trade that will bring Joe Johnson to Brooklyn.

The goal is to have a Big Three of Deron Williams, Dwight Howard and Johnson, and it remains doable if the Magic are willing to play ball, a league source tells

Orlando would have to accept a package of Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, MarShon Brooks and multiple future first-round draft picks, and the Howard deal would take the form of a massive sign-and-trade.

Wallace has already agreed in principle to a four-year, $40 million deal, and the outlines of deals with Lopez and Humphries would have to take shape before the deal could be agreed upon.

Howard has reiterated his insistence that Orlando trade him to Brooklyn, and he told Yahoo Sports that any other team that acquired him would be getting him only as a one-year rental.

Williams met with the Mavericks earlier Tuesday before meeting with the Nets just as they were completing the Johnson deal, in which they agreed to give up a first-round draft pick (Houston’s, lottery protected) along with the expiring contracts of Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams and Jordan Farmar, including DeShawn Stevenson in the deal through a sign-and-trade.

Williams has said he wants to make a decision on his future before reporting for Team USA training camp in Las Vegas later this week.

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It is not known what kind of a timetable the Magic are on, or whether they believe they could get a better offer from a team willing to take on the risk of acquiring Howard and then losing him as an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Also, depending on the size of the salaries negotiated for Lopez and Humphries, the Nets could have the means to take back an extra player from Orlando, perhaps Hedo Turkoglu, perhaps Glen Davis.

Brooklyn owns its own draft picks from 2013 through 2018, and if they throw in several of them, it is hard to see Orlando getting a better deal from a third team.



  1. joe says

    Come on Nba, if you could stop CP3 trade to Lakers, surely you can stop this. Why other team is helping this to happen. This is making worst example for NBA future. What Dwight is doing is ignoring rules. He is one of players want get paid and play for certain team. He is killing this sports.

  2. Jeff says

    For those complaining about Orlando taking back Gerald Wallace, it looks like he’s NOT part of the deal, from new reports.

    It looks like the new offer is Lopez+Brooks+Humprhies+ 1st rounders. And the Nets MIGHT be able to take back J-Rich (but not Hedo). Those are all decent players, including a center to replace Dwight, plus picks, even if they’re late round picks.

    Again, it’s less about what they’re getting back and more about the fact that Dwight WILL NOT sign with another team, so the options are limited. Trade him and get nothing or wait and get cap space. That’s it unless someone is going to gamble.

    • Andres says

      Of course he is not. Lol at sheridan for even mentioning him.

      He agreed to sign WITH THE NETS, once inks hits paper on July 11th (and it’s just a formality) he can’t even be traded for months.

  3. JB says

    Whether it happens or not isnt the story right now- the story is why does ESPN get credit for “breaking news” that theyve all but condemned as lies before- without crediting you? I’m no Sheridan shill(still remember when you got the lockout prediction wrong, Mr. Sheridan), but I respect and value his work. Mike and Mike had Broussard on to “break” your story. It’s sad. Bucher told us Kobe would never be a laker again, and Broussard twists in the wind on everything not CAA-related.

    From a basketball perspective, I still don’t see how that’s fair value for Howard, but more power to King if this gets done. As a die-hard Knick fan, it makes me wonder what can be done to improve the Knick roster. If Johnson’s contract was tradeable, so can Stoudemire’s. Let’s get it done, Glen!

  4. Arvin the Awesome says

    i think the Nets should have stop pursuing Howard. Williams,Johnson,Wallace is now already better than Kidd,Carter,and Jefferson plus you have a promising rookie and the frontline of Lopez and Humpries. What they need to do is get guys like small names but talented to surround the big 3

  5. rob says

    I love how Sheridan words it, as if Orlando just has to take Brooklyn’s offer that leads them to 35-47 record.

    Orlando would “have” to accept…..get real, Hennigan is in total control, He’s not going to want a center with bad feet and a swingman on the decline who will have a bad contract.


    stop propagating the nets.

    • says

      You seem to forget that Orlando doesn’t have much options. You can speculate what they could get from the Rockets, Lakers or whoever, none of those teams will take Howard unless he signs the extension. That’s why the Magic will eventually accept whatever the Nets are offering. Brook Lopez with Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks is a good package. Yes, Lopez was injured, but he is very young and he will be fine, Humphries is playing great basketball the last two or three years and Brooks is a good talent for the future.

  6. says

    The Rockets’ young assets should be a lot more attractive than the Nets’ in a trade for Howard. Gerald Wallace is a good player, but nobody wants to rebuild paying him $40 million for 4 years. He’s an aging role player, not a cornerstone. He’s lived off energy and athleticism, but will be 34 when that contract is up. I’d rather have Lowry, Scola, Martin, or any of the Rockets picks this year.

    • Dave Sto says

      Scola has 3 yr 30mil remaining and he’s 32 years old, Martin has this yr at 13.3, Lowry nice player but he’s a better version of Shannon Brown has 2 yrs and 12, the assets are decent but don’t say they’re better than a 24 year old 7 ft that averaged 19 and 20 pts a game, a 29 yr old Wallace 4 yr 40mil, a young and talented Marshon Brooks who is going to average 19-22 pts a game in 2 years if he puts in the work, a 1 yr 9 mil for Humphries and picks is a better deal for ORL. That’s more than what the Kbicks paid for Carmelo. One thing is for sure Brooklyn is In it to Win it!

  7. Jay says

    Sheesh in hindsight Dwight’s waiver of his early opt-out clause was totally useless. Its just creating more stress for the Magic and all other teams trying to get Dwight. It was a very dumb publicity stunt that is backfiring on him big time. I hope the Nets are ready to deal with his ego if and when they pull the trigger on this deal.

  8. says

    In your dreams…All those players suck except for Marshon brooks and the Draft picks will suck also…Rockets will offer a much better deal

  9. Serge says

    First of all the deal is actually pretty good depends on how many firsts go to the Magic. They will be late firsts. Lopez + Brooks are nice young players. Wallace is a really good players and is not OLD. That is a pretty good contract I think 4 years 40 mill seems alright for him.

    My question is wouldn’t G Wallace have to agree to a sign and trade? If he won’t want to go to the Magic he won’t sign if that is what the Nets will do.

    Also what are the Clippers chances to get Dwight? They already screwed up getting Odom for Mo Williams instead of a first + cap by sending him to a team with cap space/trade exception. They could have got a future first + have there own first to package with DJ + EB + maybe Butler? They still have those 3 guys and there own future first though. How is that not a better deal getting a PG/C young talent for many years to come WITH a first. Then you can trade Butler for more young talent/first. Only offer that tops that I say is clearly for Bynum. Dwight does not want to follow what Shaq did, and does not want to play 2nd fiddle to Kobe. So I don’t think the Lakers will risk a 1 year rental.

  10. Taz says

    You guys commenting on the trade and how it can not happen because of the salary cap are complete idiots. Don’t speak on stuff you do not know about. You sound foolish when you insult someone who knows a hell of lot more than you. The NBA cap is not a hard cap so the Nets can resign their players, GO OVER THE CAP, and deal them for Howard. Wallace can be signed and traded because he is not a free agent. They will also still have the mid-level exception to sign another player.

  11. Jimbo says

    The two trades give the Nets three “superstars” but I still think it was a bad idea to take on Joe Johnson’s ridiculous contract. He wasn’t worth 6 years/$120mil 2 years ago, and he sure isn’t worth the remainder of that contract now. And they never should’ve signed Gerald Wallace in the first place either. Then again, they never should’ve even traded for him. It’s good that the Nets are trying, but they seem to be making an awful lot of risky, desperate-seeming moves.

  12. Tommy says

    Compelling reasons why the Nets would make a trade, but no real reason why the Magic would do this. Chris, are you a huge nets fan or really want them to succeed? It seems like a giant stretch, and that’s being polite. No GM, particularly a new one, is going to ruin his career to help the Nets.

    • says

      I was a Nets fan in ’76 when they won the ABA championship with Dr. J. I was 11. Not so much so after Roy Boe sale of Erving to Sixers, and then the move to Piscataway.

  13. Rob says

    There is no way the Magic would want to touch 4 years of Gerald Wallace. How does he help them rebuild? And in terms of the Nets taking back bad deals, Wallace would be the worst of them all, because its the longest! Chris, you have to explain that one for me. This is just bizarre and makes no sense at all.

  14. Matt says

    Well correct me if im wrong, but instead of taking on so much salary from the Nets, wouldn’t it be better to get 3 first round draft picks, a future first, kyle lowry, kevin martin’s expiring deal (trade chip), and a trade exception from the rockets for howard and turkoglu?

  15. Enystyle says

    It can be done cause no other team are gonna give up valuble assets for a one year rental. Believe it or not Howard has all the leverage because those other teams need him to commit past the end of the season and he has stated that he will onlt re-sign with one team and that’s the Brooklyn Nets. So this story has wings

  16. says

    First, the Nets didn’t have many assets the Magic wanted prior to the Johnson trade, and now they’ve given up a first-round pick and a host of expiring contracts. Second, the Nets don’t have enough cap space to keep everyone — they re-signed Gerald Wallace, traded for Johnson and hope to re-sign Brook Lopez and Deron Williams, while adding Jason Kidd, Mirza Teletovic and assorted other targets via free agency. Dwight has vowed that he won’t sign an extension with any other team, and would rather play out the season and become a FA next summer, but the Magic seem ready to call his bluff. The question is how much another team (e.g. the Lakers, Clippers, Rockets or Warriors) will give up for a superstar who may rebuff their attempts to extend him.

    • Paul says

      I follow @nbacapology on twitter so I tend to agree with what they have to say especially when it logically points at all the holes in Chris Sheridan’s fantasy trade scenario.

    • Pete says

      Another team ISNT giving up much for a 1 yr rental, not LA, not the Rockets, not the Warriors, NONE of them are giving up a lot for someone who contently says he will NOT re-sign

      • says

        So if Dwight Howard gets shipped to Atlanta for Horford & Teague, then Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, and Jason Richardson (he would be included in the Atl-Orl trade) you’re saying there is a zero percent chance he signs an extension with Atlanta? He is from Atlanta and even the chance at signing him long-term is enough for Atlanta to pull the trigger on a possible Dwight Howard deal.

        How about you DM on twitter so I can remind you that about this conversation when Dwight is back in the ATL.

      • James says

        Who says he won’t resign? Dwight? Why would anyone believe a word out of his mouth at this point? And if the the season ends and he hasn’t re-upped, what’s he going to do with the Nets at no cap room? Sign for the mid-level exception? HA.

        ATL is starting to look like a real possibility as D12’s long-term home, but I wouldn’t rule out the Lakers or Houston just yet.

        • says


      • rob says

        haha well guess what with the nets trading for Joe, they won’t be able to sign dwight as a free agent, so those other teams COULD keep him

        • says

          im sure the nets management are smarter then that if the nba is letting the nets contend for dwight still im sure the got a few tricks up there sleeve to make sure dwight adn other stars are gonna be around for a long time and i hope they trade joe johnson cause his not worth the money his getting paid trade joe johnson and gerald wallace

  17. this guy is a writer? says

    Starting to see why Sheridan got FIRED from ESPN. I need to start my own basketball website. It will be an imaginary world where Rob Hennigan is secretly Otis Smith. Stay on your meds, Chris. They are prescribed for a reason.

  18. Corey says

    theres a reason teams like the lakers and mavericks operate with a payroll in excess of 30 million of the cap…and the nets now have an owner willing to reach those levels of spending to put together a championship caliber team

  19. Bedsellerguy says

    Why don’t we hear anyone talking about Dwight’s back? From what I remember he canceled his youth camp because he was still rehabbing his back.

  20. Jeff says

    This actually makes a little sense.

    Lopez is a decent center and was only hurt last year (and Dwight just had major back surgery) and Brooks is a good young player. They were in the rumored package from this past season. Wallace is a decent player albeit overpaid, but if they can unload Hedo (somehow) for him, that’s a better trade off. And as long as Humphries isn’t overpaid (and he will be, so hopefully by not too much), he’s good for a double double. Picks on top of that are a bonus, they can be packaged later.

    Honestly, I can’t think of a deal better than this. Lowry + Scola and picks isn’t as good. Bynum + Artest and picks isn’t as good, even though Bynum is a better player than the Nets players. Jason Terry + Shawn Marion + Yi Jianlian and picks? I don’t think that beats it either. Amare + Chandler + Lin + picks? Yeah that probably beats it, but Orlando likely doesn’t want Amare and I don’t think the Knicks would do that. Maybe Chandler + JR Smith + Lin + picks, but even that’s a stretch. And I don’t even know if all these add up on the cap.

  21. Stephen says

    “it is hard to see Orlando getting a better deal from a third team.” Plain old cap space is a better deal that this! Or Bymun and cap space. A collection of average, yet highly paid talent is not what a rebuilding team wants.

    • Murse says

      No he isn’t. BYCs only exist when a player on a rookie deal signs an extension will still on that rookie deal. The Nets didn’t offer an extension to Lopez to keep the flexibility to trade him

  22. pete says

    Hey Chris big fan here, so say the nets make this trade, what vets could Nets put around big three?

  23. WhatAboutObama? says

    I think people don’t understand that Orlando doesn’t have a choice. Take it or he walks. Teams think they have control. No matter what they do the players always will control their destiny. None of this made sense until I realized that the Nets haven’t signed Wallace just yet. That makes for some interesting speculation. On top of that Joe Johnson was traded for so in reality they could just trade Joe Johnson instead of Wallace. I’m not a fan of Joe. They could likely land a better free agent later if they give up both Johnson and Wallace.

    • rob says

      heres what most of you fail to understand.
      losing dwight for nothing, is better than hamstringing your team with big contracts to 3rd and 4th tier players.

      if dwight doesn’t wanna play, cool. orlando will suspend him without pay for the season and if dwight wants to go to any sort of arbitrator HE WILL LOSE

  24. Mo says

    Why would BKN include Wallace in the deal? Wouldnt the money work if they just sent over Humphries and Lopez along with picks and maybe MarShon Brooks?

  25. Quinn says

    everyone else has already pointed out the horrendous cap hit this kind of big 3 would have on the nets. but beyond that, first, an aging gerald wallace with 4 years of salary coming his way is not something that a rebuilding team craves. Second, Brook Lopez is an incredibly poor rebounder given his size and position on the floor, and I imagine an analytics type GM such as Hennigan is not going to be impressed by him (same as Daryl Morey, Sam Presti, Pritchard et al.). Third, Humphries’ stats are incredibly inflated – if he wasn’t playing next to someone as bad at rebounding as Lopez is, he wouldn’t be a ‘double-double machine.’ Luis Scola is a good example – he posted very nice rebound #s next to Chuck Hayes, but once the Rockets acquired Camby / Dalembert, his rebounding averages declined significantly. His scoring is sub-par at best, and is also inflated given the amount of attention Deron Williams draws from a defense.

    Yes, a deal can be performed, no, that kind of deal won’t be performed. If the players the Nets had currently were as decent as you allege in answering other commenters dissent, they would’ve been contending for the #8 seed in the playoffs this year. Fact of the matter is they stunk this year, primarily because guys like Lopez, Humphries and Brooks were mediocre at best.

    • Dave Sto says

      Lopez played 5 games last season, Wallace played 21 gms, Williams 55gms ,Marshon was a rookie and Humphries was consistent because he’s relentless, if they were healthy they would of been right there fighting for 8th. Now they got Joe who is over payed yes but there is no denying they guy is top 3 shooting guard in the league Kobe, Wade, Joe. In all reality the Nets will gave the best backcourt in NBA with Joe and Deron. The point you’re also missing is that Dwight ONLY wants the Nets and said that since last year. The reason he opted in was because of this as much as you want to deny it and come up with better trades ORL can have they still want to compete the built a new arena and promising Lopez and Brooks a work horse in Wallace and consistent Humphries give them just that. I don’t know about you but Deron, Dwight Joe is happening. It’s set in stone!

  26. Matt says

    If I’m Orlando, I’d rather lose Howard for nothing than pay Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez $120 million over the next five years. Not saying the report is inaccurate, just saying the Magic would be dumb to do it. If Howard really wants to go to NJ, let him go as a FA next summer for the mid-level or call his bluff. If NJ cannot offer him a max deal as a FA, let’s see if he changes his tune.

      • JT says

        Why should they have to go through a soap opera if they can’t trade him? Suspend for conduct detrimental to the team and tell him to stay away – and save his $19M in salary. This one’s easier to prove than the fact that there was no blackmail involved in him renouncing his opt out. Then he can spend an entire season rehabbing his back – hopefully he can rehab his mouth and his image, too.

  27. Jim says

    I will admit I don’t feel as strongly about Brooks, Lopez, Wallace, and Humphries as you do. And like someone already said, Magic probably don’t want that collection of better than average but never going to be better than average players. Yes, draft picks are nice, but not when those picks are in the late 20s. Nets might still be trying, but I can’t see the Magic buying.

    What I don’t get is why the Bulls, Thunder, and Lakers are not going all in on Howard for. Even if Howard bolts after 1 year with the Thunder or Lakers both of those teams become favorites over the Heat next year if they make that deal. And if he does then leave both of those teams will at least have lots of money to spend. The Lakers could trade Bynum; Thunder could offer Harden, Ibaka, Cook, and Perkins; and the Bulls could offer Noah and Deng. All of those deals are better than the Nets deal.

    Plus, while Wallace has agreed to take $40 million over 4 from the Nets, he can still change his mind before he signs and decide to pull out of the deal if he know he will then be traded to Orlando.

    I’m not saying you are wrong in anything you are reporting, I just don’t agree with it.

  28. Ryan says

    You can’t be serious Chris. Why would the Magic saddle themselves with more bad contracts (the new ones Lopez and Hump are going to sign) just to get rid of Dwight? Draft picks? Are you kidding? The team is going to make the playoffs next year and will probably be a 25-30 pick if Dwight is on the team. How is trading Davis cap relief? Starting PF at 6 mil a year. Or you think they’d rather pay Hump more money just to get rid of Davis?

  29. Chris Nelson says

    In theory everything is possible BUT,

    1. Wallace has to agree to Orlando ( supposedly he received assurances that wouldn’t happen) as would the other players

    2. NJ would be left with 3 players and virtually nothing else ( though those three work better than Miami’s on paper, but Miami’s 4-8 are all-stars compared to what NJ is looking at)

    3. Orlando has to say yes and I can think of several other trades that are better for Orlando

    a. Al Hortford and Jeff Teague, picks
    b. Bynum straight up
    c. Tyson Chandler, Amare and Schumpert

    Hence, I don’t see much merit in your speculation

    • Chris Nelson says

      Again, why would Orlando accept such a package, wreck their cap even more for a “no future” team while there are better trades out there ( you cannot possibly argue with that) and why do they care whether Dwight wants to go there…………… a matter of fact, if I am Orlando I’d trade him anywhere else but Brookly so long as the package is at least as good

    • Bobby says

      D. DeAndre Jordan + Eric Bledsoe
      E. Jo Noah + Taj Gibson
      F. Chris Bosh straight up

      The list goes on, the Nets are waving the white flag on D12 with this trade b/c w/o cap room room they have no leverage. I don’t know why Chris is insisting otherwise

  30. LA says

    Your work would be so much better if it didn’t come with the added “I’m smarter than the rest of you” attitude.

    • says

      Not trying to come across that way. Apologies if I did. Folks need to realize that Magic are hamstrung here if Dwight is serious about being UFA next summer if traded anywhere but Brooklyn.

      • JT says

        At least two teams have said in the past that his insistence on not re-signing wouldn’t matter – they’d make a trade anyway. And one of them is still saying it publicly. All things being equal, no team trades a star within their own Conference, let alone Division (sorry, Atlanta) – unless the other team has the cap room to sign him outright and it’s just to recoup whatever they can. If they trade him, it’s a pretty safe bet it will be to a Western Conference team. I’m pretty sure there are a few teams that would take a one year flyer on him. Despite that size 20 in his mouth, he’s still a pretty awesome talent. And as much as he grumbles off the court, he still brings it on the court.

  31. Randolph says

    I Believe this is going to happen because Chris Sheridan broke the story Dwight and Magic brass (owner -ship)was set to trade Dwight Howard if not signing a long term deal with the Magic which is not happening because Dwight Howard is set his eyes on the Brooklyn Nets and im a Knicks Fan

  32. Tony says

    Orlando is not in a great spot here granted DH is the best center but who is going to give up a ton for a rental? Howard is saying that he will only sign with the Nets so that takes away a lot of Orlando’s leverage in a trade. Lopez ,Brooks and Wallace are all good players that will contribute and 2 or 3 #1 draft picks will help the process of rebuilding. This might be the best offer for Orlando considering they are limited to dealing with only one team that Dwight will extend with.

  33. Ricardo says

    How can someone claim to be a sports writer when they can’t even add up a grocery bill? How do Howard, Johnson, DWill + Turkoglu/Davis fit under the cap? Why would the Magic take a bunch of average players (Humphries + Brook Lopez) or more overpaid talent (Gerald Wallace)? Oh, and 4 future picks in the 25-30 range look really atractive… Plus why would Gerald Wallace agree to this?

      • Guest says

        Uh, they’ve already verbally agreed on $40M/4 years for him to play in Brooklyn. How do you suppose that conversation is gonna go?

        “Actually, Gerald, we know we already said we’d pay you that to play for us….but instead, how about we pay you that to play for an awful Orlando team. Sound good?”

  34. LinkBait says

    This must be linkbait. No one is this dumb.

    No way in hell the Magic take Wallace and his 40m contract even if it was allowed (which is isn’t). Nor would they spares Lopez, Humphries and Brooks.

    Why would Orlando do that? They get no salary cap relief, no young good players, and no stars.

    How would the Nets have a functioning team with only 3 players under contract?

    This is the most idiotic thing I have read today, and I’ve read quite a bit.

    • says

      Not linkbait, my friend. It is the real deal, otherwise I wouldn’t have reported it. And by the way, Brooks, Lopez are good young players. Hump is a double-double machine. Multiple No. 1s are the gravy. Nets taking back Turk/Davis is the cap relief. Brooklyn fills in pieces around Big Three with mini mid-level and vet minimums.

      • Patrick says

        You can’t say taking back Turk/Davis is cap relief when Orlando has to re-sign Brook and take Gerald Wallace’s contract. The No. 1s would likely be late 20s picks if the trade went through. I’m not saying the trade won’t happen, but it’s neither cap relief nor as good a pick as, say, trading this year’s six would be, and it essentially condemns Orlando to being at best a 7/8 seed for the next four years. I doubt that’s what Hennigan has in mind.

      • Victor Smith says

        “Good young players” is stretching it. Has Lopez had any interest in FA? Is a roster of Lopez-Humphries/Anderson?-Wallace-Brooks-Duhon really anything more than a team lucky to make the 8th in the east? Also, why would Orlando take a trade that may not even be the best offer on the table AND puts dwight on a stacked Brooklyn team.

      • Dj says

        Number wise it could match up. But I question why the magic would tie themselves into 30mil of contracts for the next 4+ years.

      • Nick says

        Just because the Nets say this is their plan, doesn’t mean the Magic will do it. Magic are going to build through the draft and preserve cap space. This deal doesn’t fit with the second part of their plan. Better to let Dwight walk and keep the cap room then take mediocre overpaid players. New Magic GM is much smarter than this. Also, since NJ will have no cap room next year, Dwight’s choices for free agency will be different. 0% chance of this trade going down.

      • Ricardo says

        Multiple lottery picks are huge. Multiple late 20’s, not so much… Teams often sell those. Plus the Horford + Teague + picks is way better for Orlando. Lopez is an average player, Humphries only produces when around other terrible players, Brooks is an good prospect. And I like Gerald Wallace a lot, but 10M a year for 4 years is too much. So in my view, it’s a mediocre package for Orlando to build around. They would rather be terrible, get a high draft pick, and spend FA money on better pieces than Humphries and Lopez. If they just let Howard walk, they have about 30M in cap space (if Turkuglu opts in) to spend on better FA like Harden, Millsap, Holiday, even Josh Smith and Chris Paul. But then again, you’re the “expert” with all the sources.

  35. Will says

    Chris, does the new CBA allow the nets to trade Wallace already? I thought old CBA had a moratorium on trading recently signed guys. Can you clarify?

        • Ravi says

          It was answered, albeit indirectly. Yes, the CBA has provisions regarding trading recently signed players, but a sign and trade is a possibility. GW can’t SIGN a contract until July 11, and a trade can’t be made until then either. Thus, they can work a sign-and-trade.

  36. Patrick says

    If Orlando is intent on rebuilding, how does acquiring multiple First Round Picks from a Nets team that has Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson make sense? Are first-round picks from the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder also attractive? Oh yeah, I forgot, the Nets are also offering Gerald Wallace ($10 million/yr), Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries! Boy, Orlando better hurry up and sign on the dotted line.

    • Patrick says

      Ah, I also forgot that the Orlando Magic are a D-League Subsidiary of the Brooklyn Nets. Now this article makes sense.

    • Patrick says

      Sheridan’s “answer to skeptics” hinges on argument that multiple Nets first rounders are attractive picks. It’s a flawed argument. Once, one debunks that element of the argument, the notion that Wallace, Humphries and Lopez are desired trade pieces must also be dismissed.

  37. Rob says

    So the Nets who looked like shit last year are suppose to be traded to the Magic! So essentially it’s the shitty Nets donning Magic uniform? Are you kidding me!! Hennigan looks like a smart man I dont think that billy king bullshit strategy is fooling anyone.

  38. ShowYourWork says

    You have to be kidding! Based on what math? D-12 is $19.2M a year, JJ is $19.7M and DWill would be between $17-$18M. That right there is $56.9M committed. With a $58M salary cap, explain to me how they fill a roster with that much committed?

    • Ravi says

      The same way Miami is doing it. In year 1, you sign a mini-midlevel player and a mix of vet minimum deals and rookie contracts. Year 2, add a second mini-mid player and hopefully get something useful late in the draft. It’s not ideal, but that op 3 can make it possible.

      • ShowYourWork says

        So basically, you have the 3 players above at $57M, Tyshawn Taylor $473k (rookie contract, can exceed cap), Jordan Williams $762k, no Bird Rights players (since Hump gets traded above), two Traded Player Exceptions to use, and then no MLE (under cap) but can use the $2.5M “room” exception and all the minimum vets you can sign over the cap.

        Big Three – $57M
        Jordan Williams – $762k
        Tyshawn Taylor – $473k
        If use TPE – 2 players totaling $4.4M
        Room Exception player at $2.5M
        4 minimum contract vets at $900k average salary
        Grand Total of 12 players at $68.75M and below tax threshold of $70M

        So I concede possible, but highly unlikely. The difference with Miami was their use of Bird Rights to allow them to find better mid range talent. The room exception got the Nets – DeShawn Stevenson last year, so that gives you an idea of the talent available for that price.

    • Corey says

      Do you know what BIRD RIGHTS are?…the nets could go as far above the cap as they want to sign humpries to a massive one year deal…then make him part of the trade to make the salaries match for dwight, it would be attractive to magic to get an expriring contract, nets could also throw in lopez/brooks/picks…young talent…as well as take back a bad magic contract…THANK YOU SHERIDAN FOR INFORMING THE MASSES

      • ShowYourWork says

        You still have to account for the Luxury Tax Threshold of around $70M. So unless the Russian Billionaire decides to pay luxury tax, you need to account for that.
        Big Three are $57M in salaries, plus $1.2M for two players under contract for Nets (Williams, Tyler), “Room” Exception player at $2.5M and you are at $60.7M for 6 players.

        If you took on a Turk ($11.4M), Big Baby ($6.4M) or JRich ($5.8M) by using Bird Rights on Hump, then you are leaving $0 to $3.5M to sign 5 players, which does not appear to be possible without going into the luxury tax level.


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