SH Blog: Kyrie Irving schools Team USA guards


Kyrie Irving 2The video is titled “Blake Griffin goes OFF at USAB Scrimmage” and we certainly got a taste of what Griffin can do to the rim over the weekend, but the best highlights in this video may actually have come from Kyrie Irving, who showed some amazing handles that made players such as Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, James Harden and others look like those kids who didn’t know what hit them in the “Uncle Drew” video.

Irving had an incredible rookie season, averaging 18.5 points on 46.9 percent shooting, 3.8 rebounds and 5.4 assists. Cleveland may never get over what LeBron James did to their franchise, but the future looks incredibly bright with this gifted young man at the helm for the Cavaliers.

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  1. what song is this? or beat?

  2. I love how you opted for a picture of Kyrie in his high school jersey vice a Cavaliers jersey. Are you already preparing for your “Kyrie to the Knicks” articles you will be writing in 2 years?

  3. Zack Hanusek says:

    We are over LeBron James its the media that’s still infatuated with him

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