Tweet of the Night: Jeremy Lin

Tweet of the Night goes to Jeremy Lin, who called Tyson Chandler “Magic Mike” after witnessing him pose naked for the next cover of ESPN’s “The Body Issue”. To see who Magic Mike is, you’ll have to click the provided link.

Chandler is the second current Knicks player to pose for the cover of the magazine, joining Amare Stoudemire, who “graced” the cover back in 2010. Here is Chandler’s thought process going into it, from Nate Taylor: “Initially, my thoughts were I would never do something like that,” Chandler said, with a laugh before the national team practiced Monday. “The more I thought about, I saw it was a great opportunity.I’m very into art and photography and I started looking at it from the artistic standpoint.”

Dwyane Wade’s Tweet of the Day

Dwyane Wade’s Tweet of the Night

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