SH Blog: Video of Tyson Chandler’s nude photo shoot

New York Knicks starting center and current Olympian Tyson Chandler was recently on the cover of ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, where athletes pose naked for the sake of art (and probably just to strut their stuff). It prompted Jeremy Lin to call him Magic Mike – a male stripper character in the movie “Magic Mike”.

Now, you can see the actual process of the photo shoot and the various poses Chandler provided that you may not have seen before. You can also hear some of the reasons he went ahead with the whole idea.

“It gives you a vision of why athletes are good at what they’re good at, because you see the body structure.” Chandler said. “The way we’re made, it’s like we’re made to do exactly what we do.”

Enjoy his bums again, ladies. Gentlemen, you’ve been warned:

(via nbainfos)

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