SH Blog: Carmelo Anthony calls Jeremy Lin’s contract ridiculous

“Dwightmare” has dominated much of the off-season drama thus far, but a new drama is quickly forming as we speak for the New York Knicks. Much of it, of course, involves Jeremy Lin and his controversial contract signed with the Houston Rockets. If you are unaware of the situation, see Chris Sheridan’s article on the latest updates. Also check out why Moke Hamilton thinks Linsanity may be too expensive for the Knicks.

The drama – lets call it “Linflicting Lintroversy” – continued today when Rod Boone of Newsday quoted Carmelo Anthony about Lin’s situation:

Whoa. First and foremost, a player should always know better than to comment on another player’s contract situation, especially when that player is still technically on your team. Secondly, calling the contract “ridiculous” is an insult to Lin, whether he meant it or not. It indicates a belief that what Lin received was unjustified. That kind of judgment is better left for the fans who have no consequences for their thoughts or comments on such matters. Clearly, the statement was unnecessary and probably uncalled for. Anthony elaborated on his thoughts on Lin:

It’s clear from the quotes that Anthony appears to believe the “ridiculous contract” won’t be matched, since it’s ridiculous, and that Lin will likely move on to play for the Rockets, since he has to do what’s best for him.

Whose contract will Anthony comment about next?

Update: Anthony spoke with Marc J. Spears – presumably after hearing of the circulation of his initial comments – and responded to the apparent backlash with the following:

To bring you even more drama from the city that never sleeps, it was reported by Taylor K. Vecsey that Jason Kidd was arrested earlier this morning: “Jason Kidd, who just signed with the New York Knicks, was arrested on Sunday morning on an alleged drunken driving charge, according to Southampton Town police. Details are still emerging, but Southampton Town police confirmed that the basketball star was arrested during the midnight shift. Kidd, 39, was arraigned on a misdemeanor DWI charge on Sunday morning in Southampton Town Justice Court and released on his own recognizance.”

Here’s Stefan Bondy’s take on the situation:

And finally, no one is more surprised and stunned by all of this than Lin himself, from Marc J. Spears: “”Linsanity” could be close to ending its run in New York – and no one might be more stunned than Jeremy Lin himself. After the New York Knicks reached agreement Saturday on a sign-and-trade deal with the Portland Trail Blazers to acquire point guard Raymond Felton, Lin’s future with the Knicks now appears uncertain at best. New York had been widely expected to match the three-year, $25 million offer sheet Lin signed with the Houston Rockets, but now already has three point guards under contract: veteran Jason Kidd, Felton and Argentine guard Pablo Prigioni. One league source said it’s now “highly doubtful” the Knicks match Lin’s offer sheet.”He did not see this happening,” Peter Diepenbrock, Lin’s coach at Palo Alto High School, told Yahoo! Sports. “He sounded surprised.”

Knicks upset about Jeremy Lin’s renegotiated contract

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  1. Kr says

    Carmelo should no about ridiculous contracts, like he’s shown he’s worth the ridiculous amount they paid him. Talk about a waste of money, he’ not worth half of that.

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