Tweet of the Day: Mark Cuban


Tweet of the Day goes to Mark Cuban, who took a shot at Bill Simmons and basically called him stupid for his opinion about the pairing of Elton Brand (although he will likely come off the bench) and Chris Kaman for the upcoming season for the Dallas Mavericks. As you can see, Simmons responded to Cuban’s comment by taking a shot of his own, saying it was a dumb decision to let Tyson Chandler walk after a championship season.

Cuban seems to take things personally anytime someone has an opinion about the players on his team or the transactions made by his team. Hasn’t he ever heard of the saying “to each his/her own”? But then again, he is also allowed to have his own opinion about the opinion of another person. Conflicting, indeed.

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  1. Cory says

    You’d think a guy in Cuban’s position wouldn’t let little things like a tweet bother him so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like how passionate he is about owning a team, but next time someone insults his team on Twitter, Cuban should just log into his online bank account to instantly feel better.

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