SH Blog: Social media reaction to Knicks passing on Jeremy Lin

As you may have heard by now, the New York Knicks officially declined to match Houston Rocket’s offer sheet of $25.1 million for Jeremy Lin on Tuesday. This news, of course, brought on plenty of reactions from fans, writers and players on social media sites like twitter and youtube. Lin himself joined the party, as you can see in our Tweet of the Night. See all the discussions, reports and even a song dedicated to Lin below. We’ll have more extensive coverage on Lin in our news section later today:

Welcome to Houston @! We plan to hang on this time. You will love #RedNation
Daryl Morey
But seriously - any time you can flip a 23 year old asset/fan favorite into a washed-up 40 year old and a fat guy, you have to do it.
Bill Simmons
Who guards Jeremy Lin when the Knicks plays the Rockets? I'm betting J.R. Smith signs up for that job.
Frank Isola
The best part about the Jeremy Lin saga is that all anyone can talk about on court, is how a 23-year-old will get WORSE.
Tas Melas
@ U will be missed my friend. As great a teammate as I've had. Wish u all the best in H-town!
Steve Novak
@ who am i gonna make fun of now???
Jeremy Lin
Thats sad! RT @: Not that J.R. needs a reason to party but this Lin news could lead to a wild night.
With any luck, Rockets press conference to re-introduce Jeremy Lin will be Friday -- one year to the day after Yao Ming retired.
Jonathan Feigen
Jeremy lin worth more than $8M/yr in marketing alone. Instead at pg they have a backup and an old dui guy. #badtaste
Jon Heyman
Kicks Melo vs Lin I would take LIN , he WON They lost when MELO came back? pass the ball
@ please forgive the @ for they know not what they do. #KnickelAndDimed
Daniel Dae Kim
Like Most Trades Only TIME Will Tell How This Lin Move Will Work Out.Who Saw This Coming?I Didn't That's For Damn Sure.TOUGH BUSINESS.NYK YO
Spike Lee
No, I'm not at all shocked that people are posting vile & racist comments about Lin. It's always there. Always, always, always.
Tim Kawakami

Provided by @warriorsworld:

Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know Song Parody:

Taiwanese animation depicting Lin’s situation with a fat Raymond Felton:

Jeremy Lin is headed to Houston

Kobe Bryant’s extensive interview with Yahoo!


  1. Chris H. says

    I’m amazed (well, maybe not so amazed sadly) at the vile comments left on his facebook wall by a bunch of close-minded low-IQ internet tough guys.

    What’s sad is the REAL Knicks fans know what went down with respect to Jim Dolan’s petulance and how bad a decision this was on all levels (basketball X’s and O’s, business, marketing, and PR).

    I’ve decided to take a break from the Knicks for as long as Dolan owns the team. He’s put me through too much; there’s been a lot of losses (most in the league during his tenure) and little joy as a fan. Prices go up each year. He harbors and protects sexual predators (Isiah, Marbury) while running out good well-reputed basketball people (Donnie Walsh, Mike D’Antoni, and now Lin).

  2. Blahblah says

    Reading those Facebook posts make me sad for America. Are there any Knicks fans that understand the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ or ‘there’ and ‘their’?

    It’s funny that they rip Lin for maximizing his earnings. Don’t they realize that the reason players come to NY is for the money? Biggest market = most marketing dollars = most endorsement deals.

    Finally, how are they not more upset at the fact that they’re paying Stoudemire $19.5 million or more for the next three years? Now excuse me while I go sell my shares of MSG stock.

    • AnthonyD says

      I took a look at the comments on facebook. Primarily positive. It’s stunning how bad the grammar / spelling is on the posts calling him names, wishing ill on him or saying the Knicks were right to let him go. The eloquent posts were generally praise and thanks for his time in NY and wishing him well. Having lived in NY and greater NY my whole life I’ve always felt it’s the most progressive place in the country (or at least as progressive a place as there is), but clearly there are meatheads, biggots, the uninformed everywhere.


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