Tweet of the Night: Tony Wroten

I hate when people say they hate HOW Lebron made his decision. Cause no matter how he did it yall still would have something to say.
Tony Wroten

Tweet of the Night went to Tony Wroten, who expressed displeasure at the people that question how LeBron James made his infamous “decision”.

Wroten, the 25th overall pick of the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2012 draft, is likely not wrong in his observation. No matter how James decided to leave, people would have found his departure upsetting – especially the fans of Cleveland. However, it is also true that he acted rather childish through much of the process, from having teams visit him one by one to provide presentations as if he actually were “a king”, while leaving the Cavaliers organization completely in the dark before publicly humiliating all things Ohio with “The Decision”. There is no denying that James acted the part of a diva at times and his actions certainly rubbed fans the wrong way – something even he probably recognizes at this point.

The fact that Wroten brought up such an old topic, despite James winning his first championship, despite the fact that he is in London right now to represent our country proves that some people will never get over what he did. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but it appears to be a mistake that some simply won’t let go.

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  1. DJKolbe says

    I completely disagree. He did it in such a arrogant and self aggrandizing way. People do not like a completely total lack of self awareness and/or humility.

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