Golden State Warriors Offseason Moves & Analysis

warriors small logoUNDER CONTRACT: C Andrew Bogut, F David Lee, F Richard Jefferson, C Andris Biedrins, G Stephen Curry, G Jarrett Jack, F Carl Landry, G Klay Thompson, C Jeremy Tyler, G Charles Jenkins, G Brandon Rush, G Kent Bazemore

DRAFT PICKS: F Harrison Barnes, C Festus Ezeli, F Draymond Green

FREE AGENTS: C Mikki Moore

MOVES: Financial constraints kept the Warriors very quiet until the final day of the moratorium, when they dealt Dorell Wright to Philadelphia and acquired Jarrett Jack from New Orleans in a three-team deal. The deal served two purposes – clearing minutes at small forward for Harrison Barnes and providing an insurance policy for Stephen Curry’s troublesome ankles, which still are not fully healed. Don’t be surprised if the Warriors start Curry and Jack, with shooting guard Klay Thompson coming off the bench. Jack wasn’t the only Hornet added to Golden State’s roster; the Warriors scored with the signing of forward Carl Landry to a two-year, $8 million deal. After the initial dust settled, Landry was the best free agent remaining and remained patient, hoping for a place to play significant minutes and get paid, which Golden State will offer. The Warriors brought back Brandon Rush – who is coming off the best season of his career – on a two-year, $8 million contract. Golden State also signed undrafted rookie guard Kent Bazemore, who was named college basketball’s best defensive player last season.

TO-DO LIST: Golden State is right at the luxury tax and has 15 players, including its four rookies. The Warriors wanted to keep defensive standout Dominic McGuire, who ended up in Toronto. Bazemore may be able to plug some of that hole. Coach Mark Jackson really wants the club to retain Nate Robinson, but the sparkplug left to sign with Chicago. Golden State would love to find a taker for Andris Biedrins, but his contract is virtually immovable and it wasted the amnesty clause on Charlie Bell in December.

PROJECTION: Thus far there has been good news on the health of both Andrew Bogut and Curry, which means the Warriors have a chance to begin the season with a solid starting lineup. Golden State also fortified its bench and drafted well. Right now, it looks like Richard Jefferson-Lee-Bogut-Thomspon-Curry as starters, with Jack, Landry, Rush, Barnes and Andris Biedrins off the bench and rookies Bazemore,  Draymond Green and Festus Ezeli as deep reserves. That sounds like proper roster construction, and with a full training camp, there is legitimate reason for optimism in the Bay Area.

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  1. Efwerd says

    Klay was a full time scrimmage player and plyaed in virtually every scrimmage game with Team USA in Vegas . He received not only praise from Coach K but Kobe, Durant, and LeBron for his ability to shoot the ball, score, and for his Bball IQ. That and given he poured in close to 20ppg after Ellis was traded last season, I’m pretty sur he starts.

  2. EvanZ says

    “Don’t be surprised if the Warriors start Curry and Jack, with shooting guard Klay Thompson coming off the bench.”

    I would be very surprised.

  3. gbod415 says

    Thompson will start. Rush might start, but definitely not Jefferson… you don’t seem to follow the Warriors, do you?

  4. J-RIDAH says

    Do you even watch the games? There is no way Klay Thompson is coming off the bench. He is the sure starter at SG with Jack coming off the bench. My sources have told me that we will be a 6th seed for sure! Now I’m off to the Englander for some drinks. Nothing like getting drunk at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. One of the many beneftis of not having a job! Go DUBS!

  5. Jon says

    I’m a little suprised that you think Jack will start over Klay. Klay avg as a starter almost 20 ppg last season and looked real comfortable as the starting shooting guard. Granted, it was on a bad team, but defenses were keying up on him, and he still managed to put up a VERY respectable line. I do not see the GSW going to start the season with small ball. I think they are going to give Klay every opportunity to start and based on his summer league performance he is going to run away with the job. I would imagine the GSW think he is going to be a star in this league and want to give him every opportunity to start. Any information on why you think Jack is going to start?

    • Chris says

      I don’t think they’re that small with Curry and Jack as long as Rush doesn’t start at the 3. I know Thompson played well when they committed to him last season, and I believe ultimately he will be the starter and a really good player. But I also think that out of camp, Mark Jackson is going to see that the most accomplished, savvy guard among Curry, Thompson and Jack is Jack, and his point guard background will tell him that Jack needs to be on the floor. I could be wrong, though. If you play Jefferson at the 3, maybe someone notices and you can move him. It’s tough for rookies to walk right in and hold their own at the wing in this league. The bottom line is they have a 9-deep roster of real players and kids they can bring along at a nice pace. I really like what they’ve done. But there has to be a commitment to defense. It’s time to stop talking about it and do it. Thanks for the civilized comment.

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