SH Blog: NBA players react to Dwight Howard trade

As everyone should know by now, the ever-dragging Dwight Howard saga finally came to a shocking conclusion on Friday afternoon. Howard was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers to help form an absolute super team, and we have the reaction of plenty around the league, including Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams and even Howard himself. To find the reactions and opinions of NBA writers, you can click here. Also, see Shaquille O’Neal’s Tweet of the Day and Jalen Rose’s Tweet of the Night for their respective thoughts on the trade.

Here is the first video of Dwight Howard’s reaction on his move to Los Angeles, from TMZ:

Stephen A. Smith details Howard’s excitement in this video:

DeMarcus Cousins posted the following picture after finding out about the trade, via Tom Ziller of SB Nation:

Kobe Bryant shared his thoughts about the trade directly on facebook:

Bryant also said that the Howard deal is even better than the Chris Paul deal that fell through last season, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post: “Deron said he had lost hope on DH sweepstakes while Kobe positively glowed last night. “The CP3 trade fell though – which would have been great deal for us financially and basketball-wise — and all of a sudden, that gets pulled out from underneath us,’’ Bryant said. “Then they regroup and they come up with something that’s even better. It’s unprecedented.’’ Kobe and Durant have already been joking about the destined WC Finals.”

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated has Pau Gasol’s quote from his conversation with Craig Sager: “Lakers forward Pau Gasol discussed the Dwight Howard trade with Craig Sager on NBC after Spain’s victory over Russia in the Olympic semifinals: “Well obviously I wish the best to my friend Andrew (Bynum). He’s a young player, talented and full of potential and I wish him the best. Obviously having Dwight with us is going to be a big deal. Once the Olympics are over, I’m going to be truly excited to get back to work with my teammates and obviously we have a very powerful team now.”

Videos of Chris Paul and writer Bill Plaschke’s reaction to the trade was provided by Mike Wise of Washington Post.

It's crazy how the Lakers were able add Howard by only trading Bynum. Plus keeping #Pau #NBA
Carmelo, on DHoward trade: "It makes the NBA that much more fun, that much more exciting. I can’t wait to see them on Christmas."
K.C Johnson
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Deron Williams on Dwight Howard heading to the Lakers: "Mentally, I wasn't in the Dwight sweepstakes anymore. It got kinda old."
Frank Isola
Carmelo on Dwight Howard and the Lakers. "I can't wait to see them on Christmas." Be careful of what you wish for."
Frank Isola
An old nba addage we have to get worse to get better, that's true but what happens when u get worser aka more worse than the worse answa dat
Kevin Durant, on if he has thoughts on the Dwight Howard trade: "Nah, I really don't care."
Bruce Arthur
Kobe, on the Howard trade: "We got Pau for virtually nothing, so history does repeat itself." Don't let the door hit you, Andrew Bynum.
Bruce Arthur
Kobe: "I'll play 2-3 more years. Then the team is his. I'm excited b/c they have a player that can carry the franchise well after I'm gone."
Mike Bresnahan
LA will love @ big personality and smile, but won't be happy unless the @ win championships.
Earvin Magic Johnson
.@ follows in the tradition of @ great big men - @, Mikan, Chamberlain & @.
Earvin Magic Johnson
Lakers are gonna b tough everybody won in that trade everybody got better
von wafer
Dwight Howard just had two years of petulance rewarded. Disgusting. @ has news
Gregg Doyel
That Laker Team is crazy... Could they be the best ever?
Brandon Jennings
If Dwight Howard handles his biz and there's nothing to indicate he will, it could repair his ruined rep. Winning is the ultimate deodorant.
Jim Rome
The NBA jus Got Real........
Jason Thompson
Congrats @ - now I know you're coming out to my kickball event tomorrow to challenge @
Baron Davis
I want to wish the very best to my friend Andrew with his new team. On the other hand, truly excited about how great our team is! #GoLakers
Pau Gasol
Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Ron Ron, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. That's not a bad starting five.
Lakers Nation
Does this Laker Team Remind anybody if the past when they added Gary Payton and Karl Malone with Kobe and Shaq.. #4futureHOF
Jared Dudley
How the Lakers keep pulling these trades off? Pau and now Dwight without losing Pau! #robbery
Seth Curry

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