Romney not the guy to pick down at the courts

If you play pickup basketball at all, then you have come across the guy at every court or gym who always calls a foul when he takes a love tap on the arm.

That same guy usually does all he can to disrupt the flow of the game by reciting the rulebook and calling every minor violation.

According to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, that guy is Mitt Romney.

Not literally, of course. The Republican presidential candidate is 65 years old and appears to be beyond his days of lacing up the Hyperdunks for a little 3-on-3 or full-court pickup. Figuratively, however, the analogy appears to fit.

On NBC‘s “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning, the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association used a basketball analogy to describe Romney’s campaign strategy.

“Gov. Romney’s just sort of a guy that you never want to play pickup basketball with,” O’Malley said. “He’s always fouling, and he’s always crying foul.”

Throughout the Republican primary to his current standing as the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Romney’s campaign has been short on details and long on attacks of his opponents. His current target is noted hoopster President Barack Obama, whom he said is running a campaign of “division and anger and hatred.”

Although it is unlikely we will run into Romney at the local courts, we thank O’Malley for his scouting report. Initially, we were under the belief that the book on Romney was that he cannot go left.

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  1. johnnie says

    as humorous as this article may be to some people, it’s not the type of content that belongs on a legit basketball site.
    save these types of postings for your personal facebook page, or a blog with a clear political agenda.
    thank you.

  2. Patrick says

    Another well-researched, unbiased, and informative article from Chris B. I am sure with more articles like these, Bernucca will soon be cited on Politico for campaign analysis.

  3. Vince says

    I come to this site for its articles about basketball, not politics. This is the second post that involves politics. You’ve lost another reader.

  4. Alex says

    What the heck does a political attack have to do with basketball. Come on guys, leave the dirty bs to the political campaigns. I’m with Mopi. I can find another site that doesn’t try to insert its political bias into unpoliticial articles.

  5. A.J. says

    Which 65-year-old guy pours more 100-gallon vats of black shoe polish onto his own head, Mitt Romney or Mike Krzyzewski.

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