SH Blog: Howard’s ad does not receive appreciation, Obama compares Romney to Lin

Dwight Howard wanted the Magic fans to understand that he still has great appreciation for them, so he took out a full-page ad in the Orlando Sentinel’s Sunday edition to thank them for their support. It’s hard to imagine how the ad would matter, given his betrayal of the team and all the drama that surrounded him. See how Howard “botched” his departure from Orlando, along with other relevant news around the league:

  • Dwight Howard’s full-page ad dedicated to Orlando received no appreciation from George Diaz of Orlando Sentinel: “Dwight Howard’s open letter to Orlando Magic fans in Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel made me think of a classic shtick by the late Sam Kinison, titled “Love Song.” He wrote a tune about getting dumped by his girlfriend, who reached out and asked if they could still be friends. After a soft mellow introduction on the piano, (“I wrote her this song and it goes like this..”) Kinison goes into his usual ballistic rampage: “You used me! You never loved me! I hope you slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood! DIE! DIE! DIE! I want my records back! I want my [bleeping] records back!” That’s how Magic fans feel about Howard, hopefully without the gas truck dying thing. The layers of betrayal cut deep. The difference between love and hate can often be a thin line, and Dwight crossed it big-time by botching his departure from Orlando to Los Angeles.”
  • The Warriors may or may not decide to sign Stephen Curry before the start of the season. Here is the prediction of Tim Kawakami of San Jose Mercury News on the situation: “This whole thing is complicated. There could be more complications: The Warriors could offer a five-year deal with the fifth year being non-guaranteed, or partially guaranteed, based not on injury but just as their option. My guess: If Curry stays healthy through October, a deal will get done. He wants a deal, the Warriors want to give him a deal, and usually, when you have those factors, things get done. It makes sense for both sides, as long as Curry isn’t asking for the moon (doubt he is) and the Warriors aren’t trying to nickel and dime him or are over-worried about the ankle (we’ll see about the ankle). I’ll guess four years, $42M, with some injury protection in there, but not anything too limiting, announced Oct. 30, just as the Warriors are checking into their hotel for the opener the next night.”
  • Josh Harrellson may apparently work out for the Heat again, according to Ira Winderman of South Florida Sun Sentinel: “Monday, on his Twitter account, Harrellson posted, “Kentucky it’s been fun! Glad I got to see everyone! Now heading to Miami for hopefully the next 9 months.” Harrellson was drafted out of the University of Kentucky with the No. 45 pick of the 2011 NBA Draft by the New Orleans Hornets, with his draft rights then traded to the Knicks. Harrellson later re-tweeted a reply to his Twitter account emphasizing the “hopefully” part of his original post. According to a source familiar with the Heat’s approach, the team will be holding what essentially is a pre-camp camp in advance of the formal Sept. 29 start to training camp at AmericanAirlines Arena, with Harrellson in that mix of camp hopefuls.”
  • Winderman also shared his thoughts about why it may be difficult to add players like Matt Barnes or Raja Bell for defense: “There is something to be said about adding a perimeter stopper, so LeBron James doesn’t have to take that challenge when Battier is off the court. But the issue with players such as Barnes or even Raja Bell, who still might yet get his buyout from the Jazz, is whether they could accept what otherwise could be a minimal role with the Heat, especially if Mike Miller can make it back into the rotation. Barnes was a rotation player last season with the Lakers, and Bell became disenchanted when he lost his rotation role in Utah. So the real issue is whether such players would be willing to go extended stretches without minutes in a Heat perimeter rotation that features James, Battier, Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, and possibly Miller, Norris Cole and Rashard Lewis, as well.”
  • Andray BlatcheAndray Blatche may be hoping to land with the Nets, according to Howard Beck of The New York Times: “The Nets’ ongoing search for frontcourt depth has led them to Houston and a meeting with Andray Blatche, who was cut this summer by the Washington Wizards. Blatche, 26, has been working out in Houston with a number of other N.B.A. players, under the guidance of John Lucas. He was set to meet with Nets Coach Avery Johnson sometime this weekend, according to two people with knowledge of the meeting. It was not clear whether the Nets were prepared to make Blatche an immediate offer or were simply exploring their options.”
  • Speaking of Lin, Mr. Obama decided to compare the former Knicks star to Mitt Romney and referred to his own group as the Miami Heat, from Jodi Cantor of The New York Times: “No matter what moves Mr. Romney made, the president said, he and his team were going to cut him off and block him at every turn. “We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin,” Mr. Obama said, according to the aide.”
  • Kristin Blake – the wife of Steve Blake – wrote an article on about the couple’s experience visiting Africa to meet a child they were sponsoring: “Pastor Buregeya is a native of Rwanda and his ministry aids in the rebuilding of a country devastated by genocide. He brought bios of children from Rwanda waiting for sponsors, and Steve and I signed up to sponsor a little girl named Divine. For years our family wrote and received letters, sent gifts, watched short videos of our sponsored child, and faithfully sent our money, each time hoping it made a difference. Last year we were asked if we might like to go with the next team to Africa and meet our child. Steve and I began to contemplate the idea. There were so many questions and concerns ranging from adding more travel to Steve’s already packed schedule, to leaving our children for so long since I have never left them for more than a few days. At first we dismissed the idea, but it wouldn’t go away and ultimately, we knew we needed to go.
  • Could the Mavericks land Al Jefferson if he hits free agency? Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News thinks it’s possible: “Variables: He’s been very durable the last few years, missing only 11 games in the last three seasons. He’s agile enough to cope with virtually any of the new-era hybrid centers, but also possesses a strong low-post game. But he’s never played for a true, contending team with only 11 playoff games in eight seasons. How the Mavs can get him: If you like him, he should be gettable. And he might come at slightly below maximum-level money, which could free up some cash to perhaps also get one of the other A-listers. The big “if’’ is whether he would pair well with a star point guard like Paul.”

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