Tweet of the Day: Mark Jackson

MJ, Kobe, and Wade! I’m taking my guy HOF @ after that!!! Seen all the Greats! Ur not crazy or loyal 2 pick 1 of about 7 next
Mark Jackson

Reggie Miller will soon enter the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, making him a hot current topic of discussion. As you can see in his tweet, Mark Jackson has the highest of praise for the shooting guard, with good reason – the two were teammates for six seasons with the Indiana Pacers in the 90’s.

Miller was a great shooting guard and he should be in the discussion for being one of the better shooters the league has ever seen. He is one of only five players in the history of the NBA to be a part of the “50-40-90 club” and hit a countless number of memorable shots during his 18-year career.

Is he, however, worth being tagged the third or fourth greatest shooting guard of all time? Was he, for example, better than the likes of Clyde Drexler, Pete Maravich, Allen Iverson, George Gervin, Jerry West or even Ray Allen? One thing we probably do have to keep in mind when discussing this matter is the fact that the statement came from Jackson, who once stated that Kobe Bryant will be the greatest basketball player that has ever lived and promised a playoff appearance in his first season as the Warriors head coach. In a word nutshell, he says things.

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  1. Cakes says

    “In a word, he says things” – dude, when you say “in a word”, usually that implies that you will follow with a single word that encapsulates what you mean. to follow with three words is just wrong. Rookie error, dust yourself off.

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