Tweet of the Night: Jamal Crawford

Clip nation welcome my homie @..Great piece to the puzzle!!!
Jamal Crawford

Tweet of the Night went to Jamal Crawford, who welcomed his first-time teammate Matt Barnes to the Los Angeles Clippers. Barnes signed a one-year contract for the veteran’s minimum of about $1.2 million with the team on Friday.

Crawford may or may not know this, but Barnes has a bit of a history with power forward Blake Griffin:

At least now, Barnes can ask Griffin directly about the question that eluded him last season: why did Griffin flop so much?

When all said and done, Barnes should get along with the superstar just fine, since they’ll be on the same team. Just ask Ray Allen and Keyon Dooling. Besides, this won’t be the first time Barnes became a teammate of a player he previously did not feel particularly fond of as an opponent:

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