Tweet of the Night: Evan Turner

And for all you fools who worry too much, I'm in the gym from 7-12 everyday and then back at 5! I'm on my job #getonyours
evan turner

The message is a bit feisty, but it sure does get the point across. Evan Turner is expected to see a significant increase in role and playing time for the 76ers with the departure of Andre Iguodala at shooting guard, so it’s great to hear that he is putting in the necessary work to set himself up for a big upcoming season.

Turner showed flashes of brilliance as a starter last season, but often struggled with consistency and was benched when necessary in favor of Iguodala. Due to the lack of facilitators on the current make of the team, Turner will likely be put on a longer leash by Doug Collins this time around to play through his mistakes.

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